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In Her Glow, poem by pd Lyons. Photograph by Ron Scubadiver, Freelance Journalist

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used with the permission of the photographer. used with the permission of the photographer

in her glow
we sit pretending
so many things

like we are not old

like we are not imagining
warm alabaster
against our dark skin
fiery silk her hair
between our sure and steady fingers
a scent of jasmine
through the open windows of a moonless night
all infusing
all reviving
her fire our youth

no we are not thinking that at all



So for several years now I have been lucky enough to be following Ron Scubadiver’s Wild Life – a great photo journalist blog

A few days back i came upon the above photo. For some reason it really struck me and i commented that it was inspirational. And then i wrote down the above on the spot. Just a little ruff bit that i kinda like and a good excuse to share Ron’s photo and invite you…

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Pdlyons's Explorations

“Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.” David C. Gorczynski

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roads, by pd lyons. from newish poems

Pdlyons's Explorations

DSC_1438 9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto

9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto 9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto



coming back to me

crows know
those roads
I know

autumn in October
leaves alike
past seasons
once knee deep

hand held by my mother
down the big giant hill


9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto 9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto

9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto 9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto

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Long beautiful bird like creature



all American




tribal denim



my eyes caught.



a voice more melodic than my own

breasts smaller than I have known


smiles through

even me the stranger




There Is No Need To Believe by pd Lyons

unknown photographer


What is discovered

is beyond doubt


what is discovered

is beyond choice


free from duality

is certainty

belief has nothing to do

with what is


the teacher shows

the steps

the student takes

the walk

the teacher shows

a way


the student who goes


there is no need to believe


only august by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations

i love rock and/or rolli love rock and / or roll


only august


almost quiet

only feather sounds


almost still

only slow

steady beating

as if horses


taught themselves

to march in order

across the fields

almost green

only smoky

spiral dust

almost damp descending


as if insects

finally taught themselves

to sing

like falling rain

across midday

almost yawning

only august

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mindfulness ~ understanding what it is to be human…

Baby It’s You, by pd lyons from old songs

Pdlyons's Explorations

Baby It’s You

cross well polished floors
games the size of life and death
how else could it be
matching my heart
with your steel

way over my head
cause baby it’s you

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Off The Bookshelf – Brave Boat Harbor & The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation

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This is one I have had for ages. Snagged from my dads bookshelf when he was selling out of print items. It was published by Yale University Press. This copy is fifth edition C1967. As you can see it came from the library of Calvin Hosmer JR. In my opinion Calvin lived, and indeed may still be living, in a town with one of the coolest place names ever – Brave Boat Harbor! I think it is one of the main reasons I have not been able to part with it for over thirty years.


It is inscribed by C.HJ. with the note:

“This Vinland map

was found to be

a fake  but the

book is still

good reading


Personally I would disagree. Once I read the inscription I was disinclined to enjoy the fore mentioned good read. Can’t help but wonder how the recipient felt getting a gift…

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