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In Death if Dreams Be loved

he had stayed away before

afraid of his own dreams

now 5:30 in the a.m.

she had come to him

so real he cursed god


wept into the kitchen

cursing god again

once more when sleep had took him

with out words she came

sat with him on deep scorch-less grass

head to head

dark her eyes kept him breathless

until once more was gone

who is it knows the story is a story by pd lyons

   I come from a story

first told by my mother and my father

then friends siblings schools streets woodlands lovers enemies partners children

only now the story somewhat long do i consider –

who is it knows the story is a story

where is that part of me?

and is that the same part that has always filled

the empty space between the lines

with poetry.





never mind the other guy

never mind the other guy.

you need to ask yourself – what am i going to do to make the world a better place?

sit around and wait til i have a billion dollars or…

Photographs from a Scorpion Night, by pd lyons

via Photographs from a Scorpion Night, by pd lyons

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