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Entering Us through Breath poetry and photography by pd lyons

Entering Us through Breath

I couldn’t tell you which was man or which was woman
Or how they met their end.
I couldn’t see where one began, another ended
Or begin to guess how many.
But I can tell you this for sure:
They had never taken to the ground,
No matter how much heaped upon them,
They are always now, creatures of the air.





With Alessandra

With Alessandra


time travels softly

across the river

sun pours

volcanoes of night

suck away the day

ghosts rise hungry

clean olive scented bones

in another sleepless night

                                                                                 along this land of green dreams




L’ Amazanial & Opportune by pd lyons


L’ Amazanial

Rue Sainte Opportune



We Did





the stars so bright

danced  ice cold like water

across our skin




he had watched her soft like snow by pd lyons

via he had watched her soft like snow by pd lyons

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