Grandview Ave. from As If the Rain Fell In Ordinary Time by ~ P.D. Lyons

This was written in 2011. We were back for a few years in my hometown area of Waterbury Ct.  We’d drive back and forth  on Grandview Ave. Same time five days a week. Many times we’d see the same people walking same time everyday.



Grandview Avenue


We were walking

Hand in hand

Up the hill

In the rain

You had your bright red scarf

Wrapped around your head

Traffic swished

Lights on

Wipers squelching

We didn’t know what the day would bring

But I turned my face up to the sky

Trusting my own two feet and you to guide me



The annual erbacce-prize for poetry is open from January 1st to May 1st every year. It is entirely FREE to enter thus it attracts top quality poets world-wide… in 2019 we had close to eight thousand entries and all were judged ‘blind’. P D Lyons was the outright winner! Below is the book we produced for him… it is sheer quality poetry, the whole book encompasses a simplicity coupled with deep insight; a truly beautiful collection which reveals more each time it is re-opened… (perfect-bound: 112 pages)

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