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sometime when i cry, words by pd lyons, photograph by morgan lyons, music by Raveonettes

Pdlyons's Explorations

Sometime  I will surrender all the hard heart life

Sometime I will understand courage has nothing to do with anger

I will remember your face and smile

I will remember your touch and smile

Allowing just the experience of happiness

Allowing just that experience

Surrendering the need to go further

Staying just for the brief soft moment of love

Not needing the hard heat strength to go beyond

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from Mary Hynes (fallon’s version) as read by liam clancy

Pdlyons's Explorations

“Bless your poet then and let him go!
He’ll never stack a haggard with his breath:
His thatch of words will not keep rain or snow
Out of the house, or keep back death.
But Raftery, rising, curses as he sees you
Stir the fire and wash delph,
That he was bred a poet whose selfish trade it is
To keep no beauty to himself.”

and adapted by myself as good as ever expalination as to why i write

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a non comerical xmas message (a bit of fun)

Pdlyons's Explorations

There is also a rival theory of the origins of Santa’s paraphernalia – hid red and white colour scheme, those flying reindeer, and so on – which is more fun, less commercial, more scientific and somehow more appealing ( possibly because it is politically incorrect). Patrick Harding of Sheffield University argues that the traditional image of Santa and his flying reindeer owes a great deal to what is probably the most important mushroom in history: fly agaric (Amanita muscania). Before vodka was imported from the east, this was the preferred recreational and ritualistic mind-altering drug in parts of northern Europe.

Each December, this mycologist, or fungi expert, dresses up as Santa and drags a sledge behind him to deliver seasonal lectures on the fly agaric. The costume helps Harding drive home his point, for he believes Santa’s robes honour the mushroom’s red cap and white dots. Commonly found in northern…

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Pdlyons's Explorations

and would I know

the winter

still sliding down

silvering the window

soft whispers

smoke secrets


the kitchen fire

and all those winter fires gone before

each ghost arrives upon the gale

welcomed here beside the hearth

each breath of my own

rare and gifted by such drifters

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How the Green Witch Loved the Winter Man as read by the author

One for the winter days. Hope you all like it. Special thanks to Morgan for the video. From the collection of PD Lyons poetry, When You Worship Swans No Longer.






When You Worship Swans No Longer: Poetry by

by P D Lyons

Poetry inspired by the village of Fore County Westmeath and surrounding areas of Ireland, by an Irish American poet.

Special First Edition Limited to 150: each numbered and signed by the poet.

Price includes worldwide shipping by regular post in padded envelope.

20.00 dollars US/15 euros Ireland/20 euros rest of Europe/15. sterling

Items shipped upon receipt of order (purchase through Paypal)


With your shipping information and any queries.

Additional inscription on request.

(Numbered books selected randomly)


Thank you in advance for supporting this project!

survival tips for this modern age or true no worries #3 by pd Lyons

I Didn’t Know words and photo by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations

Got to go visit my daughter in cork city for her birthday shes attending uni there. train down from Dublin. So there was this woman…. and this is from the scribble notes….

as if never having seen


fingers such as these

elong both hands

explored tip by tip

by opposite

selected by a

pearl pink mouth

each taste slowly reminding her to herself

on this train

traveling alone

wherever she was going

i didn’t know


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waltzing the night, ruff draft from my badlands, by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations

holding ourselves like prayers between each other
all summer sway cool through tall screened windows
bright sounds of crickets fire flies glimmer
bare feet and beating hearts
soft by each others breath
accented by full moon kisses
rising beyond any day time horizon…

it was one o clock this morning.
woke upno particular reason
didn’t even need to pee
kitchen floor so cold I hurt for shoes
stood there adjusting to Frigidaire light
three bottles of beer on the second shelf
opened one by the window
chugged away to those long
hard rain halos

it’s not the city I used to know with you

maybe I go for another
maybe it’ll help me sleep
probably not
these days once I’m up
even beer can’t touch me
deserted even by the small comfort of your ghost
still I sway as if some how
we’re dancing

mixmed collage pdl mix-med collage pdl


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The Things I Didn’t Want to Do, by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations

All my life of lingering lies

Each and every single one

A point to point of indelible regret

So dig in deep and hold your mark

Squeeze the trigger, don’t black out

Ain’t that a fitting way for it to end

Slow and steady always just a mere formality

I could only follow where the strings were pulling me

Like the nagging of my mamma

And the raging of my pa

Those class rooms full of things I couldn’t really understand

And those laws that seemed only to apply to me

So dig in deep and hold your mark

Squeeze the trigger, don’t black out

Ain’t that a fitting way for it to end

And where’s the love like in those songs

And where’s the joy of that gospel god?

The fame and fortune like in those magazines

Fulfilling all those promises made by my TV screen

All those things…

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Waltzing Miss Jeanie from As if the rain Fell in Ordinary Time – read by the poet

Happy to share with you one of the poems appearing in As if the rain fell in Ordinary Time. A collection of my work published by erbacce-press . I was honored and humbled by their selecting me as the finalist of the erbacce prize for poetry 2019.  (Details to be found below.)

This is my first foray into the video recording world but not the last. Intending to do more with my own work and once we perfect the jitters and my delivery  a little more , the work of other artists.. 

Anyway thank you for reading and for listening. hope you enjoy it. This one is for all you horse lovers out there!

And a special thank you to Shelly who guided me through the high tech end and had the patience to go through more than a few bloopers 





The annual erbacce-prize for poetry is open from January 1st to May 1st every year. It is entirely FREE to enter thus it attracts top quality poets world-wide… in 2019 we had close to eight thousand entries and all were judged ‘blind’.    P D Lyons was the outright winner! Below is the book we produced for him… it is sheer quality poetry, the whole book encompasses a simplicity coupled with deep insight; a truly beautiful collection which reveals more each time it is re-opened… (perfect-bound: 112 pages) 




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