Little Witches & The Winters House in Winetown read by the author pd lyons

Little Witches

One little witch

with bright yellow shoes

did a magic spell and then there were two

two little witches

in a white birch tree

did a magic spell & then there were three

3 little witches

at the red kitchen door

did a magic spell and then there were 4

4 little witches

sharpen  silver knives

did a magic spell and then there were 5

5 little witches

on blue broom sticks

did a magic spell and then there were 6

6 little witches

At a quarter past eleven

Did a magic spell and then there were 7

7 little witches

on a green metal gate

did a magic spell and them there were 8

8 little witches

making spider wine

did a magic spell and then there were 9

9 little witches

chasing grumpy ladies and cross face men

did a magic spell and then there were 10

10 little witches

with their little black cats

did a magic spell and next Halloween they’ll all be back!

The Winter’s House in Winetown

Was Saturday the witches came

haggard hoary bristly three

and in the kitchen at the sink

incanting charms and pantry spells

resorted themselves to beauty.

Then went down to the lake again,

 fairy visits and cool trees,

bouquets cut of certain weeds

grown only on forgotten graves.

Taunted dreaming frogs with transformation.

Lured from whispering reeds,

wood duck, heron, silent swan.

Cupped and rubbed soft feathered chins,

 left them fast asleep invisibly protected for the night.

Velvet bats alight upon their fingers

 sang them softly twinkling songs,

until blown away by kisses, flew off beeping through the dark.

Back home then for mid night tea

around a blazing fire.

Wood rum, pale cakes, spiced ales.

Nettle cheese, pumpkin slices, chestnuts roasted,

mushrooms honeyed, cups of steaming coffee coco.

Where greeted right well all manner of visitors.

Unknown travellers of the night.

Those with, as well as those without, a definitive day time shapes.

But none so well as the tabby cat.

Intent on playing catch the front porch pixies

strayed bounding in across the flagstone floor

and before she could correct herself and flee?

Clear bowls of cream.

Cooked river fish.

Petted, stroked, and secret named,

until red cushion velvet by the fire purred herself to sleep.

And at the first faint sign of sunrise?

a final toast of elderberry

a spell to do the tidy up

stumble giggle up the stairs

to find their way beneath the blankets into my creaking bed

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