Lover of Wisdom from As if the Rain fell in Ordinary Time read by the author

new haven ct artist not known

   The Lover of Wisdom

He helped in the kitchen

While she was away.

   One night he was worried about the wine

Her father noticed, told him

Not to worry

They said it was the best place they’d been to

That they were glad to be here,

Besides it was the second bottle they’d ordered.

It was then he grabbed her father’s hand, said

Are you my friend? Are you!

The towering man with black moustache

In a well-worn greasy apron said,

Always. I am your friend always!

    It was evening when she came back.

He was sorting pots from the green house

Packing them into the jeep

Parked at the top of the driveway

When they pulled in

BMW convertible dark blue w/ tan leather.

     He did not want to meet her friends.

Afraid they’d hear the beating of his heart

He stayed on the other side of the jeep

Pretending to be too busy

Waiting for her to come to him.

But after their long good-byes,

She didn’t.

He walked around saw her walking

Down the hill with her bags

He thought – she has not come back at all then.

     Shortly later she came back.

Sat with him on the grass

Her black hair veiling them

As hunched together head to head

He opened what she gave him

Wrapped in white tissues

A ball of crystal inside a ball of alabaster.

   I missed you so much he said.

Are you brave enough to let me shave you? She said.

Come on. Let me. I want to.

He had not shaved since she left

And her creamy skin could not abide a whiskered face

Thank you for watching!
Here’s what erbacce press had to say about my work – The annual erbacce-prize for poetry is open from January 1st to May 1st every year. It is entirely FREE to enter thus it attracts top quality poets world-wide… in 2019 we had close to eight thousand entries and all were judged ‘blind’. P D Lyons was the outright winner! … it is sheer quality poetry, the whole book encompasses a simplicity coupled with deep insight; a truly beautiful collection which reveals more each time it is re-opened… (perfect-bound: 112 pages)
Through the generosity of Westmeath County Arts Council a special signed edition limited to 50 numbered copies is being offered for 20.00 euros. Regular postage included world wide. Contact via comments or email for availability and further details.
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