I Am Dead Already by PD Lyons from As if the Rain Fell in Ordinary Time erbacce-press 2019

I am dead already
~ So
there is nothing really to worry about
~ Although sometimes I still forget
think of myself as living
things to do
places to go
achievements to achieve
people to please and all
eventually I come around
focus by saying
” you don’t have to”
usually that’s enough to bring me back to what is
~ Other times,
especially if I have forgotten for maybe days,
years, occasionally decades
it takes stuff a little stronger not much though, you know
just say out loud to my so-called self;
“you are already dead “
helps me relax
brigs me round to that expansive place of what is
a pleasant space of truth
by pd lyons
from ~ As If the rain Fell in Ordinary Time, 2019 erbacce-press


nyc pdlyons

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