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slips #2 by pd lyons w/photos by the poet

 Being tired of argument

Being tired of Fussing

Being tired of Telling

Being tired of Running

Being tired o f answering

Being  tired of this weight of Things that don’t exist

Commit myself to the pursuit of the truth which does


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Pdlyons's Explorations

beside those trees beside those trees

Little Russia/ thanks again to calliope nerve. this was written for my friend jim back in the days of smoke:

Little Russia

No one knows for sure how

Maybe some ice age fluke

Some shamanistic trance gone awry

But some how it is there

Just a few acres wild weeds witnessed by an empty house an

Abandoned sheet metal shop standing where once the white wood slaughter house once stood where layer after layer of thick lead paint could not keep old blood from seeping through

Beside those trees where the road parallels those tracks over that stone grey arch bridging this river tainted now as then by run off from the tannery

just a few acres wedged in by a half circle ridge of glacier rock and sapling hardwoods where wolves though heard are never seen and leave no trace not even in the snow where…

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unlikely stories October 5, 2020. two pieces read by pd lyons

The work of pd Lyons has appeared in print and online publications throughout the world. Poetry collections have been published by Lapwing Press, Belfast, erbacce-Press, Liverpool & Westmeath Arts Council Ireland. pd was selected to participate in Human Rights Consortium at the School of Advanced Study, University of London publication titled ‘In Protest: 150 Poems for Human Rights’. He won the 2019 erbacce-press International Poetry Prize. pd was and raised in the USA, and currently resides in Ireland. pd recommends Battered Women’s Support Services.

I cannot help your violence with like buttons

you will rape and cane and without impunity

the endless buttons of social crap

won’t hold you back or stop your hand

no matter what no beggar rides those wishes

electronic opiate for the masses

here in the ivory lands all artists are social redeemers

we are changing the world with our six figure canvasses

we are enlightening millions with our

xenophobic obscurity poetry

and our novels not just stories

but writers of all wrongs

justifiers of all justices

here in the ivory lands

even our clothes works of art changing seasonally

the betterment of all mankind

In My Country Women walk on eggshells

The way they dress is a rapist’s defence strategy

Their silence confers consent. Their bodies always up for grabs

In every way There is no privacy especially of the womb

They may be legally and religiously sacrificed on the altar of boys-will-be-boys

They may be murdered at will But have dubious right to self defence

They are not heard They are not believed They are not counted

Their labour not valued

That they are Our mothers Our sisters Our daughters Our beloved

May be conveniently ignored

Easier then to believe, They are property

of the god

of the party

the state

At Unlikely Stories, we believe in change. We believe in literature and art as a focus for change—a transformative force that is powerful, but also subtle and complex, capable of not only challenging political regimes, but also the emotional and spiritual issues that enable toxic political regimes to thrive. We don’t believe in change through platitudes, but rather through art that’s as bloody and passionate as it is original. – Jonathan Penton, editor-in-chief

new ruff ~ afraid of being blown away by pd lyons

Heavy baggy clothes

sunglassed eyes

solid tattoos

pierced with steel

brimmed cap pulled tight

close shaved

close mouthed

afraid of being blown away

c morgan lyons 2016

happy paddy’s day

national gallery of Ireland Hellelil and Hildebrand, the Meeting on the Turret Stairs by Frederic William Burton                                                                                         












Even More So words n photos by pd’lyons

even more so

buds before they open

even more so

petals floating to the ground

carried by the wind

even more so

bare trees in winter

blossoms full bloom

even more so

the moon



The woman in the moon by pd lyons

took all those souls forgotten

enveloped in a deep silver soothing breath

safe from all shackle fundamentalists

sweet like pure mineral water

cool for the sake of comfort

Women We Should Know ~ all of them. STOP BEING SILENT


Lost Unto This World

I was once some mother’s darlin’
Some daddy’s little girl
More precious than the ruby
More cherished than the pearl
My heart was full of mercy
And my forehead full of curl
Now I am nothing and am lost unto this world
I am lost unto this world…
They herded me like cattle
Cut me down like corn
Took me from my babies
Before they could be born
You can blame it on the famine
You can blame it on the war
You can blame it on the devil
It don’t matter anymore
I am lost unto this world…
I was tortured in the desert
I was raped out on the piain
I was murdered by the high way
And my cries went up in vain
My blood is on the mountain
My blood is on the sand
My blood runs in the river
That now washes through their hands
I am lost unto this world…
Can I get no witness this unholy tale to teil
Was God the only one there watching
And weeping as l feil
O you among the living
Will you remember me at all
Will you write my name out
With a single finger scrawl
Across a broken window
In some long forgotten wall
That goes stretching out forever
Where the tears of heaven fall
I am lost unto this world…
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Emmylou Harris / Daniel Roland Lanois
Lost Unto This World lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.


Creation myth from The Tongue Has Its Secrets by Donna Snyder admired & read by PD Lyons


An attempt by myself to do justice to one of Donna’s fine pieces of poetry. Hope its ok. Donna!

Creation myth from The Tongue Has Its Secrets by Donna Snyder

from a series of reviews of selected poetry admired & read by PD Lyons


The Tongue Has Its Secrets by Donna Snyder 2016 NeoPoiesis Press, Seattle ISBN 978-0-9003565-5-4 (pbk) ~ most excellent cover design by Milo Duffin & Stephen Rosborough



A Slip of Paper by PD Lyons





This life time bardo

With all that manifest

Coming from my self

How can I deal with it?

Either wisdom or ignorance

That is all


Simply the choice

Wisdom or ignorance

That is my truth

Distraction or awareness

That is my method


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