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Slips ~25.1.21 #2 words and photos by pd lyons


I have lived

Long enough

To come back

Back To everything I knew When I was fifteen

Only now Certain of its richness.


How wonderful sixty-five is.




Poetry Day Ireland ~





Poetry 24.4.21


Who has ever told to you?

Watch your mouth

Think before you speak

Shut up

Shut up

Shut up


Poetry says

Open your mouth

Try your voice.

Speak your way.


Poetry says

Express what you see.

Be who you think you are.

Learn your humanity.

Your own singularity


Open your eyes

Risk your heart.

Dare the world

And when the whole world

Smashes you ~


Poetry says

Make the next lines deep arterial blood.

 See what that’s like.


he could not find you amazing, poetry & photography by pd lyons


“feed on us before you bury us” – Anais Nin


he could not find you amazing
he could not touch your mystery
he could re call vast wilderness
adrift among archetypal feminine
a wash among deltas
Venus like salt mingling with new rain
blood like midnights paling   lunary

a pleasure beyond wounds
a mingling beyond physicality
a hungrier type of mouth
willing to feed and to be fed upon




drawn up the spectre of a planet from the limbo of lunary souls — E. A. Poe

To — — –. Ulalume: A Ballad

By Edgar Allan Poe

riverside waterbury ct

riverside waterbury ct


Sentences We Like

” The summer nights were passing outside like gay whores with tinkles of cheap jewelery, opened and emollient like a vast bed”

  Anais Nin

photographer unknown

photographer unknown


” All things were born anew when her dress fell

on the floor of his room.”

Anais Nin

paris by pdlyons

paris by pdlyons

Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate – magical!

Music to be savored over and over again!

22.4.21 ~ gratitude

The magpies have decided to make

their this years nest in one of the tallest spruce trees marking our NW boundary

We are honored.

The joy of watching them over our 6:30 coffee

Matched  by an unobstructed full on sun.


Hope the day brings some light your way…

Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness

to take a little time here ~

Stoner on a rollercoaster

22 May, 2018

I started this whole thing on a whim and the way you guys came forward to help is overwhelming. This post looks like a mini support group now for which again I am grateful for each one of you who joined in. It’s been a humbling experience overall.

Today I will start circulating through my trusted 2-3 friends outside blogosphere. I urge you share this post too.

And I would highly appreciate and recommend you reach out to each other too. That’s what helps the most at any given day.

I wont stop this effort here. I will continue to send invites, gather more fighters on random basis and keep on adding them here as long as I have energy.

Thanks a lot everyone for helping me through this. Your support and appreciate means the world to me. 🙂

Apr 27, 2018

I need help from all…

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hearts desire ~ images and words via pd lyons


If you follow anyone other than your self,

won’t you always be lead astray?

To know your hearts desire,

shouldn’t you first look into it?

then won’t  your actions be in accord?


Slips ~ 25.1.21 #1 words & images


by pd lyons

scorpion night 1


In this dark

Night of the soul

Lasted for decades

The poisons

I ‘ve collected

Purified by the kindness

And faith of others

Which even when

I didn’t notice

Always there

Always there teaching 


Yeah thank you

Great to see you all





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