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Wordless Wednesday ~ Fore, County Westmeath, Ireland

enjoy some peace and quiet

all photographs by pd lyons ©2020 For more please visit, Pdlyons’s Explorations Irish American Poetry Photography Worldwide ~

Fore Abbey

Rattlesnake Spells by pd lyons with photos

one more time

Pdlyons's Explorations

pdlyons photography

Rattlesnake Spells

A blind man on acid
Finger reads the face of god
His name
The colour of mirrors still wishing to be ravens

mix media by morgan lyons

pdlyons photography

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True #nature #photographe #pd lyons


tired & true


being tired of arguing

being tired of fussing

being tired of proving

being tired of telling

being tired of running

being tired of the weight of things that don’t exist

I make commitment to the truth that does


blue hydrangea



Children In Mourning


Virgin shrouds
Mourning wombs
Innocence cut short
Parents' lap
Empty broken
Shoulders weary
Eyes weighed
Bullets strayed
Nameless assail
Hopes frail.

When bombs fly
And sirens cry
Children cannot defy
They wonder if they 
Will live to see
Another dawn
Play and run all day long
And they wonder 
What the fighting is all about?

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Baskin-Robbins, poetry and photo by pd lyons


Sixty- two Chevy pick up
Bondo dust and shot exhaust
Your brother driving 84 east
Neil on the radio
I smoked a million cigarettes
So you wouldn’t try n kiss me
Not cause of that but because your brother already wanted to kill me
Was only driving me to Waterbury
So I wouldn’t have no excuse
To hang around you

Cowgirl in the sand


may all who journey


Pdlyons's Explorations

The Whole Day

-the whole day is practice.

lough lene

As Long As

-as long as we are in the present moment, we are relaxed. -– Ringu Tulku

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Year Book & Tramuda Blues by pd Lyons as printed in Muse Pie Press – Shot Glass Journal 2016

Thank you to the folks at Muse Pie Press- Shot Glass Journal

for including two of mine in the issue #20 September 2016. It is nice to be wanted!

Year Book

these are the streets
I came from.
these are the people I knew;
who were gonna live forever.

names I cannot now recall
ways that I cannot find
places no longer there
unrecognisable even in daylight.

if you live long enough
no one will know what you’re talking about.

Tramuda Blues

woke up this afternoon
my arms still felt like they were holding you.
I had been dreaming about you,
probably because I slept cold on the floor
and wanted to be warm.

I tried to work some but your presence kept distracting me
until I couldn’t help but give in.
got dressed. got out by the reservoir
just in time to watch the first sunset of the year
when my breath came up like smoke


Thanh Tâm Tuyền | YOURS ALONE (19)

wonderful words here

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