Thank You, by PD Lyons, as published by A New Ulster #29



I was very happy that Amos Greig chose this a one of my pieces appearing in the #29 issue of A New Ulster!

Not sure when I first discovered Gabriel. I had known of his existence superficially. I was lent copies  by English majors back in the 80’s I think. Sat on my self til i gave them way. Any way years later – not quite a 100, I discovered/experienced one of the most wonderful artists I would ever know. The lush mystical worlds – the most wonderful novels I have ever read. And I would say that,  English literature was being saved by a man who wrote in Spanish. This is a poem I wrote on occasion of his death and my sitting out the back at my home in rural Ireland in the company of a fine Cuban and an exquisite bourbon…



Thank You

My first cigar of the season
and I think of you Gabriel

I too have my river
like yours but different
although how different can rivers of men really be?

each travels the same
easiest option
easily taken
to the same sea
never stopping

each deals with whatever
is thrown into it
no matter what
only disappearing into the same saline never ending sea

does that sea greet you now
women you have loved and been loved by
comrades of good and not so good words food drink
fine smoke from properly rolled cigars
angels through an unlimited jungle of stainless sky

18 April 2014

for Gabriel García Márquez



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