4.nov.0z9/ soup

heavy rainy grey day. Morgan home form school not feeling well. bleary as she says. slight fever and achy. so no one goes out today.

for lunch carrot soup. chop stick celery,half lg onion, coriander powder (fresh or leaf if you have it i didnt), olive oil  butter,saute, add chopped carrots four large, three small chopped potatoes, coriander again, bit of tarragon,salt,black pepper, water to cover veg, bring to boil simmer til soft then puree or mash.add liquid til consistency is achieved. serve w/dash of cream, chives garnish or whatever. do not leave unattended while messing about on computer or else will all get stuck n burnt. if this happens listen to your wife and dump out whatever falls freely into new sauce pan add enough water to cover, puree and then re heat attentively and gently and if your lucky like me then it will come out ok and thus please your partner who after all is the only reason you make carrot soup as you can’t abide the stuff yourself.

tip: pay attention when cooking. if not then take scalded pan treat with sympathy by scrapping out all stuck veg. then fill with some dr bronner ‘s soap abut a quarter inch and some water put on heat to boil. after boil let sit for five mins or so. then scrap some more, then dump then take a brillo pad to it and then rinse and let dry and promise the poor faithful servant to never ever be so neglectful again. then on to the next task.

aubergine sauce


pay attention now!

stick celery, half  lg onion, four or so lg cloves garlic, olive oil, handful parsley, saute ten mins or so. add 500g of coarse chopped unpeeled aubergine (eggplant) with more parsley and handful basil and about cup of water, cook covered for abt ten mins. then add ten-twelev peeled plum tomatoes (or two small tin italian plum tomatoes unsalted and un ingrediented if possible – a plain as can be got) pinch sugar, paprika, four glugs or so red wine, some saffron if you have it, some tomato paste it you want. cook forty mins. reduce if you want to use in lasagna type dish, perhaps tomato paste would be helpful. or else get consistency you want for serving over good italian pasta. thanks to Jeni Wright’s The Pasta Bible for the jumping off point.

tip: with pasta you get what you pay for. it doesnt need to be fresh but get something like de’ceco or barilla or something not generic.

make ahead of time, so yo can work on something like your poetic masterpieces, post political enlightenments, and send naughty birthday animation card via computer and not have to worry about it burning. Do not go near the f’n computer untill sauce is done, turned of taken off hot hob etc. cause if you burn tomato based sauce then even your wife despite all her secret powers, cannot save your bacon !!!!!!! and the daughter might get cross!


dont make me cast a spell on you!

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  • Edward-David Ruiz  On January 8, 2022 at 2:41 am

    Thanks for another prose poem featuring matter familiar to all, distaff or otherwise. God bless.  e/s

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