Star Notes 2014 by pd lyons



The house turned into a squat brown man

Got up walked away.


What was there – where the house once was

What remains – that is very interesting.


When illusions getup & leave

Walk, fly, melt away


What is left, what’s behind, what’s there

That’s the thing


Life/death/the original psychedelic

Acid trip.


Knowing how to deal with acid

One learns how to deal with life death.


“There is no passing away

No coming into existence” – Diamond Sutra


What is sacred

Cannot be written

Cannot be spoken

Beyond all degrees of separation

Is the sacred.

The language of accountants

Have no say.

The Druids were Taoist

In their way.


The body that is not me

The ego that is not me

I thank y ou for you are no curse

But rather opportunity.


This is the body

This is the ego

Gives me the chance

If I did not need them

They would not be.


In this world

Its not what’s real

That can hurt you.





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