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The Holidays Have Come and Gone ~

The holidays have come and gone
The new year no longer new
But still the Buddha sits
In each and every heart
The still point
The peace
The home each of us has looked for
In some way or another
So how to find this heart of ours
By giving
Every kindness we give
Allows another to spend a moment
With peace with their still point with their Buddha
Likewise our gift of kindness gives us the same
Moment after moment building a realisation of who we are
320503073_702872497945384_2811455203632763107_nA still point of peace at home. With our Buddha
Thank You

PD Lyons Reads, Jack Bean’s Fox, from When You Worship Swans No Longer

PD Lyons Reading Jack Beans Fox from When You Worship Swans No Longer.
If you like what you hear I do have a few limited editions of these. Please contact for details and availability. These are poems inspired by #foreabbey #westmeath #ireland #pdlyonspoet
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The Poet reading from As If the Rain Fell In Ordinary Time 2019 erbacce-prize for poetry.

The Poet reading from As If the Rain Fell In Ordinary Time 2019 erbacce-prize for poetry. If you like what you hear I do have a few limited number editions. Will send post paid for 20.00 euros ship world wide. For availability and queries contact me directly at
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Found Those Places Left Behind A Kiss ~ by pd lyons

I found those places

Left behind

Ghost crumb tailings

Shadow sounds soft upon a poplar breeze

Freshwater landmarks unnoticed by untrained eyes

Feral flailing Exuberant heart

Unbridled moon lighting our delinquent ways

What would we ask each other

What would we tell

Or would we, beyond all good fortune

give up these years of fumbling words

Find the only thing our mouths were ever good for


A Wander Round Paris December 2022 a snap sampler by PD Lyons

birthday note on turning 60 by pd lyons (and now I’m 67 and feeling pretty much the same. How cool is that?) with photos

1974 crosby


the old fellow near the sea

the old fellow near the sea

today ends my fifth decade. to morrow i will be 60.

the sixth decade begins at 5:54 am

bringer of the new dawn

 ever aging scorpion.

sometimes i think it has not happened

sometimes when i think of that certain little boy

i still get tears.

sometimes when i think back,

teenage, marriages, children, lovers, others –

reminding myself  of the good and of the not so very good –

reminding myself that I really  did the best I could.

but you know i am the luckiest man i know.

i have ended up in a country foreign to my birth

with a family of my own…

i  think i am in the best health ever.

no smoking for over 15 years

steady yoga meditation

and always did and still do love to walk –

there are miles of my life upon

mountains, shores, countries, continents

and  along those meandering pathways between the worlds.

and while i know all things come to an end –

as of right now i have not!

how cool is that?




cover photo

photographer unknown

photographer unknown

He never got a gift of poetry before –

Pdlyons's Explorations

in the bright sun geranium room

across the bed

a blush with your words

for d.j.s. – compañero de armas

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How Like Dreams Now the Days Too Fade, by pd Lyons. Re: Ethel Pollard Lyons Thanks to Donna J Snyder for telling me

Last night I had a dream about you.

Nothing major.

We just met face to face.

You were telling me about my grandmother.

We were outside in the sand.

I was surprised you knew her.

I  never knew she went to Mexico.

It was hot.

We sat down at a rough grey whiskery  table.

Yes, you said and she rode very well.

A bright grey horse among the caballeros.
“And tequila ?” I leaned towards you tete-a-tete  ” What about  the tequila…?”

But the scraping sound of speeding traffic brought me into this morning.

And I wondered Why Mexico?

I was always a bit afraid of Mexico –

Suddenly Last Summer

We don’t need no stinking badges,

Maryse Holder Give Sorrow words,


Decapitations decorating the highways…

But when I was a kid –


Bands of silver trumpeters.

Hat dancing.

Cielito Lindo.

raw silver jewellery, grumpy looking straw cowboys, hand bags made of alligator,

those souvenirs sent to my mother from her favorite uncle, 

United States Army Air Forces navigator.

And why you?

I had called you Jan.

You had written to me about my own work.

I had admired yours, especially the Creation Myths,

Hoped someday you’d do an audio version.

How like dreams now,
the days too


Re: Ethel Pollard Lyons Thanks to Donna J Snyder for telling me


Picture 011

tomatoes with black slate on green table – for Donna J Snyder

Could She But Think of Cape Cod – by pd lyons


Could She But Think of Cape Cod

Sand spray ridges

Heartbeat trombone ocean

still out of sight


her hair

Sifting down out to the open beach

Opalized stones

Darker lighter sand

Crazy north east breakers

Bit by bit

Unnecessaries trail

Shoes Coat

Shirt Skirt

Polka dot bra unmatched pink panties

A string of moonish pearls


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