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28 03 23


So, it’s kind of like the Bible in that it is set in stone? And where it says weapons for all that’s just what you worship? However, this is an interpretation that you worship right? Something you have decided is set in stone no matter how much suffering is caused.

Shouldn’t a government for the people assess how much damage is being done to the life liberty and pursuit of happiness that the weapons for all approach has wrought? Shouldn’t an approach that for example doesn’t care how many children are murdered be revisited? Shouldn’t the people of this government demand it? Since when did the Constitution become a religious idol to be worshiped?


So even if we say fine the problem isn’t guns its people. Shouldn’t the people then participate in a federal background check which is updated regularly, an education and licencing program as well an insurance program? How would you all feel if the auto industry was free to sell cars to whoever wanted and could afford them and there was no requirement for drivers licence or insurance?

 Never mind the piece of paper doesn’t mention cars. How about what kind of people sacrifice their kids to a piece of paper as interpreted by those who are at best corporate hacks at worse just don’t care how many children are murdered.


If you can’t figure out a way to better care for your electorate and the children of this whole country then you need to be replaced by someone who would at least be willing to try. To say that because the constitution says this is the way it should be and there fore there’s not an issue to be resolved. Should be a firing offence


My thought:


This is not a gun or a persons problem

It is a social problem.

If you tolerate this nothing can be done approach

You too are complicit

Look up the numbers of the dead and wounded the numbers might astound you

Look up the numbers of those traumatised – will you even find a number?

Think about how this will impact the society you live in?


 The fact that the United States of America cannot find a better way is true tragedy

Here’s a mortal sin for you – the constitution was never meant to be set in stone. It was meant to evolve.


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  • Edward-David Ruiz  On March 29, 2023 at 1:15 am

    Love sll the latest you’ve shared with us, especially about all those shootings in the USA. For shame to the country we love/we used to love; for shame! Keep well and God bless.  e/s

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