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from poems found in boxes. for Loretta 1973 by pd lyons

for my dear friend from long ago and far away. remember?


Rose was the first thought

Remembering was coming

But put back

Almost worn out

Now – where roses bloom

Not trying

For anything

Now – where roses bloom

Not trying

For anything

Now – when I am

And am not

Then or pretty soon

Or never or forever


When words burn meaningless

Giving warmth to bodies not left behind

The thoughts are all

Growing like flowers

Coiling like snakes

Blooming gaping

Snakes and flowers

The flesh we care for

The planet we care for

The stars we strive for –

Close you eyes

See .

Sept.12.73  for Loretta.

1974 crosby

from Poems Found in Boxes by pd lyons


I’m a back street rambler

Got no place to go

My lovers are crazy

My money is low

And it’s a slow death

I’m waiting for

A slow death I’m praying for

Got no gifts to offer

No money no dope

All I gots my love

And they say it aint right

Its long night I’m going into

A long night I’m going through

My mirrors are many

My insights are few

no tears left to cleanse me

Got nothing for you

So, I’m two feet for the highway

Two feet for the road

Don’t know what’ll happen but I hope it goes slow.

We Had Our own Penises Then, poetry by PD Lyons

We Had Our own Penises Then

Taught them tricks

Sit up



Roll over

Play dead


Got them to fetch

 Escort us on the lead

Not mess in the house

Be careful how they peed


And whenever we wanted

We’d change them.

Start again with new ones –





Sometimes they’d fall in love with us

Break their own little hearts

But our love?

Only meant for each other

Was not that kind.

Che by pd lyons w/photos

ruthless pursuit of your own dream.

suffering, the only reward for those who commit themselves to a dream.

swamped by muck of the masses.

vain valiant fool.

exhaustion your killer.

all sucked away, your ideals, your blood.

too late for you.

too late for those who loved you.

the people get the leaders they deserve.

no one asked you to die for them,

so they killed you.


The Acid Reality by pd lyons

We almost changed the world

from hate to love

from war to peace

from stress to joy & compassion

sickness to care

poison to healing

abusiveness to kindness

starvation to nourishment

subjugation to inclusiveness 

greed to respect

you get the idea?

and it could have been so much easier than what we decided to allow instead – wtf

The Girl in the Silver Mercedes by pd lyons


come back

I want to know

what’s it like

all your dreams come true

your hair longer now than when we were teenagers

leaned against high school halls

100 years old then

gone now


the one word, one thing

applies, can be applied,

utterly applicable to every person,

place, thing, concept, category –

what else is new?

  1. 2. 12

Two from My Childhood Home in Waterbury Ct. by PD Lyons. read by the poet

When we Lived on Nelson Ave.
PD Lyons

days when my father took milk and sugar
leaving the spoon in his coffee
my mother whistled among lilacs and roses
mahogany furniture kept well polished
 special knives and forks only used on holidays

I knew the name of Lilly of the valley
not to ever put them in your mouth

there were kittens in the sun porch
we watched born from a tabby cat named Felix

there were cherries from our backyard tree
so red I thought they were black,
tasting like no cherries
ever would again

The Girl Next Door 
By PD Lyons

When I remember
Third floor windows
Tall white lace sails
Summer all running in our veins
Her mother in the kitchen
Making cool aid and plate full of something
Cookie sweet to eat

She wanted me to stay
I was afraid, wanted to go home
But didn’t want her to know
Not wanting to be in this house of too many windows
Overlooking the valley

But she wanted me to stay
Besides the rains begun
Going to be a real storm
Already rumblings a darkening horizon

 her mother agreed
I’ll call your parents. They won’t be worried.
You can stay for supper. You like hot dogs don’t you?

 that was how I learned not to be afraid of storms
Not to hide from thunder or lightning
Frances and her mother, exuberant
Ohs  ahs  joy over every
Menacing vibration sudden crash
Every flash veining skeletal zigzag

I listen to your story By PD Lyons

I listen to your story

Heard between the sounds

Rain beat highway

Last freight car

Followed it through valleys

Trusted it in the dark

You were always my darling

You were always my heart

Now I’m standing in the kitchen

Popped a Bordeaux cork

Swigging from the bottle

Cause I can’t hear you anymore

Merry is the sunshine

shimmering sapphire is the lake

And it’s just outside my window

And it’s just a million miles


There is New Snow (one from the old notes) by pd lyons

So of course over the years I’ve ended up with a collection of a fair few note books. lately I’ve been combing through them for forgotten gems. So here with a light edit is this one. As for the quality of its gem-iness, well I leave that up to you the reader. cheers.

mix media by morgan lyons

mix media by morgan lyons

There is New Snow

someone has spilled oats on the walk way.

from the stairway I watch below

crows with snow in contrast floating 

when my heart is soft enough to weep

then I will call you

when angels fall without escape

then they will think of us

when all the secrets of our lives revealed

then they will be as blue as they were hidden 

when you know everything that you somehow never knew

then you will know the sound of my soft heart calling you

Until then not wanting anything

all I need fits into the pockets of this coat.

In this hard Rocky Earth/ #pd lyons #poetry #stonework #wildroses #fore #westmeath #ireland

In this hard rocky earth

what have our bones become

what nourished creatures by our flesh alive

as if we really immortal

thought our marked stones  be cared for

remembered only by the wind


Fore,County Westmeath

Bridget Shields Rose

Bridget Shields Rose

from 2006 notes found in a box today. thanks for stopping by.

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