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In My Country, by Pd Lyons Poetry


In My Country


Women walk on eggshells

The way they dress  a rapist’s defense strategy

Their silence confers consent

Their bodies always up for grabs

In every way

There is no privacy especially of the womb

They may be legally and religiously sacrificed on the altar of boys-will-be-boys

They may be murdered at will

But have dubious right to self defense

They are not heard

They are not believed

They are not counted

Their labour not valued

That they are

Our mothers

Our sisters

Our daughters

Our beloved

May be conveniently ignored

Easier then to believe,

They are property

of the male

of the party

the state

a shining steady chorus of Ah! by PD Lyons Poetry



i just let the day go 

awareness, not of the passing

but of the being.

not moments, minutes, hours

but seeing, hearing, feeling

tasting, smelling, thinking.

free of linear, lists, concept, naming,

ever thing, any thing.

a true knowing

a shining quiet steady chorus of Ah…

First Day of Spring, by pd lyons


First Day of Spring

my daughter asks me
why did people invent war?
don’t they know it’s the devil not god that likes war?
do children have to fight?
do they kill children too?
boys, and girls?
how old are the children?
why don’t the soldiers just quit?

and then the sound of helicopter passing
she thinks it wondrous dashes off to look

and for all those for whom that sound is terror?

because of them
we must love the world
all the more.

unknown photographer

photographer unknown

And it’s just another blessing of a day by pd lyons

just another bird on the wing

Just another sun-lite breeze

Just another drop the kid off at school

Just another blessing of a day


And it’s just being here thinking

the best luck I ever had is you

And it’s such a little time for a lifetime

A rare jewel against eternity

so glad you choose to spend it with me


Miracles wander all around this place

an old dog barking at the door

horses thundering in the field

small streams pouring into deep pools


sure, you and I are miracles too

just like when you lie beside me

Your breath warm against me in the night


And it’s just a morning sun

And the coffees in the air

just another blessing of a day

Shelly I’m grateful for every single one.


What if We Could Meet the World Unwounded? & Demons prose poetry photos by pd lyons


What if We Could Meet the World Unwounded?

The inner wounded child haunts us Why? Because we bind it. Our attachments to this child, Desires to relive To ease and protect from all pains past and potential keeps this woundedness froze in time. Locked in. Seeking to replicate past scenarios, attempting a new positive result. But each time the super sensitive ever-woundedness simply fulfils its own prophecy

Can we dissolve that attachment? Can we allow our own courageous awareness to perceive what is true? Can we  let the child be?  Then to joyously go – just the way we wanted to be when we really were that very young?



Demons –

These are thoughts

I conjure, use

To make me child of wounds

Feel important

Feel real

But how subtle this ensnarement

Creates only an unsolvable past

Layer by layer

A prison of ghosts

Let go Let be

If I let the child go


Just the way we wanted to be when we were young

Blissful free

No need for demons ever again


Everyone whoever caused my wounds

Are either dead or so far removed (in time or distance)

Can no longer cause me harm

Neither can I give you,

What you should have had.

I cannot go back and fix the past.

But I can give you freedom now

I can let you go, unchained from an unresolvable past.

Be free be free be free at last


And now my anger demon

You’re finally done

This child so faithfully protected  now free,  moves on.

So too may you be.

Thank you for your diligence, your vehemence, your loyalty.

Thank you for your faithful service.

You may go. you may leave. you may enjoy the bliss of freedom.

Be free be free be free at last.

Now that energy once locked into being ever vigilant, ever ready?

available to be new again.


And now my arrogance demon

There is no need to be special

No need to sooth this child’s wounding by invulnerability.

You do not need to know or act as if you do know everything.

This child indeed special. This child indeed free.

Relax faithful hero this child who is free needs no protection

Relax valiant healer, willing, wishing saviour

Thank you for your faithful work

be free be free be free at last.

Now that energy once locked into being ever vigilant, ever ready?

available to be new again.





from the Hooks Song Project, Expectin’ John Prine – words and photo by pd lyons

Expectin’ John Prine

And if I had whiskey

Then I’d have a drink

And if I had money

I’d get me some sleep

And if I still couldn’t sleep

Then at least I‘d be sittin’

In a place with some heat


And there’s nothing like quiet

To make you know you’re alone

Nothing like darkness for seein’

All the things you ain’t done


Guess I’m just a man who never growed up

Should’ a known mama weren’t liein’

But somehow I thought it’d work out alright

 I was born for fortune and fame


But now people go by with that look in their eye

And I find that I have to agree

Cause there’s nothing more mysterious

Than just how I turned out to be me


But maybe you been down yourself

Or maybe you heard a John Prine

There’s some song he does

Not sure anymore how it goes

But it’d make you not mind maybe smile some time

When you come across someone like me


And when all someone’s got is lonely

And for sure ain’t no ship comin’ in

It might be a stranger’s smile,

A kindness with out any strings

Means more than my own silly words

Or the comfort that some small change brings


And sure I thought it  be different

 The whole world welcome my songs

But I guess at my age

There’s no way to hide

So whether you stare or smile, your words are gentle or snide

I don’t care if you look right through me

As long as you got something to give

I’m grateful for whatever you spare.


never mind the other guy

never mind the other guy.

you need to ask yourself – what am i going to do to make the world a better place?

sit around and wait til i have a billion dollars or…

Willing to Work?


In order for there to be peace in the world, your world;

what would you be willing to give up?


offer is to become.

                               morgan lyons photography

we can also intend to have a society free from slaughter.


the choice is to do nothing or to do something about this problem. the Florida students have inspired the most activity and attention to this issue in decades. there is a big problem with gun death in America. it needs to be addressed. the first step is acknowledging that the current situation is not healthy. that doing nothing about it will not help. and for those who say that law changes would not prevent more deaths or past deaths – that is the lamest argument of all. since murders aren’t prevented by law should we strike the law from the books? a law is a statement of intent. the intentions of a society are framed in law. we intend to have a society free from murder. we can also intend to have a society free from slaughter.

Mother Nature by pd Lyons

I am blue skies

trailed with perfect black birds

over an autumnal tree line


I am an ocean so blue

it makes everything else seem white,

A forest of shadows so deep any midnight would be envious


I have been the heat from which the iron of this planet

ran .

I have been an ice so deep

that for a thousand years the sun stood in retreat.



And you with self shackled minds,

dreams tinier than any, ever- living thing ?

what you do you think pursuers of poisons?

are there any poisons that are not mine?

what do you think deniers of your own senses?

where do you think the chemicals for those thoughts come from?


I have seen stars begin and watched them dwindle.

I have seen every living thing that has ever done so,

and will see every one that ever will be, born and die.


Do  you think I who hold on to nothing care about what you do?



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