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29.oct.0z9 True Witch

true witch

true witch

She made her way through the balmy autumn evening. She was checking the store front windows for a sign. It was around her somewhere. Ah here we are. The new age Wicca and pagan emporium. Sounds like it would be the place she thought.

Meanwhile inside the ladies were gathering for their weekly meet. Tonight of course was the big one as it was Halloween night or samhain. They were all done up in their finest. Gowns and skirts of various autumnal hues, tingling with bells or sparkling with glitter. Daggers polished bright and wands of crystals amethyst quartz gathering at the circle out behind the shop in the small high walled courtyard.

All at once they grew silent as the jangle of the store shop door bells let them know someone else had entered. Someone else had come.

But we are all here

Who could it be?

I thought I locked the door

Maybe some last minute shoppers?

Let’s go see…

Oh my god, I mean goddess cried one.

What are you playing at said the shop owner?

You’ve got some nerve to come here to night.

Aren’t you a little old for trick or treat.

Well said the old woman sorry to be a bit late but I had a time finding the place. I just couldn’t track it down.

That’s not what we mean.

What then I was told witches were welcome here.

Yes but you’ve got to be

Kidding. Yeah look at you.

Even a wart on the end of your nose.

What said the old one?

Look I don’t know what you’re playing at but you can’t stay here looking like that.

You don’t like the way I look?

No that’s not it of course we think all wiccans should have green faces and warty noses, oh and the pointy hat and black over coat just priceless I suppose you have striped socks and ruby slippers.

Well what’s how I dress got to do with anything. You all don’t look to practical to me if I might be so bold.

We are true wiccans not some stereotypical throw back to Hollywood and trick or treat.

By the way where’s your broom?

Well I left it out side across the door way as is tradition.

Tradition what would you know.

Look we don’t have time for this you had your fun now go away.

You all seem to be rather rude to me not liking my face not liking my clothes

Well what did you expect, go on get out.

I expected some mutual respect. I expected perhaps some wiser tack that to insult those who aren’t like yourselves. I’m not used to such small minded witches…

What would you know of witches you don’t know a thing about the true religion…

Oh whatever it is I know or not, I can tell this is not the place for me.

Good they said now there’s the door. Imagine the nerve, go on good night.

So the old one left the jangling door announced her departure. And all the ladies rushed up, to see that she was gone once and for all. The one locked and double locked the door other peering out the windows between the official merchandise.

They saw sure enough she had a broom. Can you believe it a freaking broom? They saw her pick up the broom which sure enough had lain across the door stoop. And several ladies wet themselves with laughter while other grew quite indignant when they saw the old on walk down the stops and on the sidewalk straddle the broom but no one said a word none moved but all collectively drew and held a deep breath of pure amazement when the old one flew away.


trick or treat!

Wordless Wednesday ~ Fore, County Westmeath, Ireland

enjoy some peace and quiet

all photographs by pd lyons ©2020 For more please visit, Pdlyons’s Explorations Irish American Poetry Photography Worldwide ~

Fore Abbey

True #nature #photographe #pd lyons


tired & true


being tired of arguing

being tired of fussing

being tired of proving

being tired of telling

being tired of running

being tired of the weight of things that don’t exist

I make commitment to the truth that does


blue hydrangea

conduct yourself


Conduct yourself with this wisdom ~

Eventually it will all disappear.

Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate – magical!

Music to be savored over and over again!

Hope the day brings some light your way…

No Matter How Hard I Wait by PD Lyons

c Mogan Lyons 2016

No matter how hard I wait,

Rain won’t stop any sooner.

 I can focus on streaming bay window panes.

Or distance, green as it is rolling up to a still bare tree line.

Or even something unrelated like a little pile of shit left by the neighbour dog.

Could I stand here all day?

Instead get dressed,

Yoga later or maybe not at all.

There is a softness an absence of anxiety allows.

A nonchalant free from worry over what to do,

When after all there is nothing –

Things will remind me no matter what I choose.

 Tears a lot like rain,

Seem to never stop until they do and

Then they don’t



Slow Wag of a Tail, for my friend Molly by PD Lyons



Slow Wag of a Tail



Days counted like folding clothes

Coffee cups by the window

Back garden a dream

Seeds for someone else’s future

Old dog

Patience learnt

Waits quiet

For a sign

A whistle

A name

A dinner

A walk

A pat on the head



For my friend ~ Molly

may all who journey/ excerpt from John Daido Loori, Roshi

. John Daido Loori, Roshi is the abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery. A successor to Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi, Roshi, Daido Roshi trained in rigorous koan Zen and in the subtle teachings of Master Dogen, and is a lineage holder in the Soto and Rinzai schools of Zen.


The Prologue

The empty sky vanishes. Mountains are level with the plains. Above, not a tile to cover the head. Below, not an inch of ground upon which to stand.

The Main Case

The great Master Dogen taught, “From time immemorial the mountains have been the dwelling place of the great sages; wise ones and sages have made the mountains their own chambers, their own body and mind. And through these wise ones and sages the mountains have been actualized. However many great sages and wise ones we suppose have assembled in the mountains, ever since they entered the mountains no one has met a single one of them. There is only the actualization of the life of the mountains; not a single trace of their having entered remains.”

The Capping Verse

When we truly enter the mountains,
birds, bugs, beasts and blossoms
radiate supernatural excellence
and take great delight in our presence.

Master Dogen’s “Mountains and Rivers Sutra” is the heart of the teachings of the Mountains and Rivers Order. Over the years of developing the training here on Tremper Mountain, our way of teaching the dharma has come directly from this text. Dogen is known as an outstanding poet, metaphysician, and one of Japan’s leading spiritual figures. The subject of this chapter—which is part of his masterwork, Shobogenzo: The Tresury of the True Dharma Eye—is nature, the immediate landscape in which we practice. Dogen was a lover of nature. He built his primary monastery, Eiheiji, deep in the mountains, preferring the unspoiled environment of forested hills, crags and roaring streams to the high society of Kyoto. Yet, he was first and foremost a Zen Buddhist master, so the mountains and rivers of Dogen’s writings are not so much the mountains and rivers of poetry, but the mountains and rivers of the true dharma eye, of the realized truth of the universe. In fact, we can say that the “Mountains and Rivers Sutra” is not about mountains and rivers, but that the mountains and rivers themselves are the sutra, the true buddhadharma. …

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