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The Practise – to reduce fear

   We use thoughts to protect ourselves from what we don’t know. As there is so much we don’t know we become steadily on the defense, trying to anticipate or predict all aspects of a situation. I can’t know you because I am trying to predict you. To make sense of what I don’t know by guessing. At best I will only create confusion. But this adds to my own existing fear ( of being wrong, of not being in control) thus furthering my need to anticipate, to be right, to be strong. What if instead I allowed you, your own self expression, and then…?

   Today –

May I create the courage to allow others space to express themselves. To allow the whole world to express themselves.




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Don’t think stuff up Figure stuff out

Thought for today ~

Paris c. pd lyons

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Rome c. pd lyons photography

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ross’s point Ireland c pd lyons photography

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lake garda c pd lyons photography

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The Kent Lily c pd lyons photography
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