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Fallen Lilies by pd lyons

yes we will

Pdlyons's Explorations

We will surround you with silence

Like the voices of our children never to be heard again

We will surround you with fallen lilies

Like each of one our children cut mid bloom

We won’t ever know what to do

With a hypocrite’s thoughts and prayers

We won’t ever find anything

In a hypocrite’s concern for our grief

But we’ll not match the hardness of such hearts

By hardening our own

We will not meet such hearts with violence

We know too well that path of sorrow

So, we will meet you in silence

Like the voices of our children never to be heard again

We will meet you in fallen lilies

Like each one of our children cut mid bloom

Unlike you

We will do what must be done

Unlike you

We will remember and continue to find days to be thankful for

Mothers rocking babies rocking mothers


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liberated calligraphy #1 by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations




water lily




blossom double



cloud born




unspoken pearls


†††††††††灥慲汳 I

paling moonlight


silk unraveled





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beauty is strength

afro-futurism scholar

we staring at each other
with our thoughts
circling down like moons
an ache rides down
between us
like a warm shower

longing rocking and shuddering
through us
as we watch the light of auras
meeting thoughts
foresight and imagination

we hover and peruse
no longer enigmatic or occult
our hands meeting
we crawl to each other
touching knees and thighs

your breath quickens
we both fixate and tremble
our lips crushed together
tongue meeting tongue
your teeth smeared with my lipstick
my teeth nibbling at your throat

your tears falling
upon my cheeks
already wet with my tears
you whisper
both wish and manifestation

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Email Question: Why Do I Reblog So Much?

i like it too

Dream Big, Dream Often


Rarely do I get perturbed by emails. I always try to be appreciative unless the emailer steps over the line and is over-critical or is offering me unsolicited advice-unsolicited advice might be one of my biggest pet-peeves by the way.

The other day I received an email from someone asking me “why do you reblog so damn much?” At first I thought why does it matter to this person how many times per day I hit the reblog button? But then I figured I would truly explain the reasoning behind my reblogging. As many of you know I have always used reblogging as a way to help other bloggers gain more exposure. It is my way to help grow the community of bloggers and help others connect. The funny thing is I don’t think I reblog that much. Maybe I do and just don’t realize it?!

I don’t consider reblogging…

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My Black Film Course Will Run in Summer Session 2–sign up NOW!!!!

Bad Victories.

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


Designed and created by Josephine R. Unglaub

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did the Yankees still have a chance for the pennant by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations


at the counter

pastrami on rye

coffee black

just off the peripheral

this guy and woman at a table

he was going on & on

you know right away

a bunch of bullshit

rather loudly too

I had no interest in him

or what he was selling

but she had caught my eye

noticed her the minute i came in

by the time i finished my sandwich

she still hadn’t said a word

he of course hadn’t stopped

people just tried to piss him off

daughter 13 years old competing already

lack of parenting by all others

ad nauseam

I asked the waitress for a refill and the check

turned to get a better look at them

maybe she was speaking by just too soft for me to hear?

but no. she was just sitting there taking it all in.

no longer interested but rather sorry for her


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King Laoghaire by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations

King Laoghaire

Let the high hill speak for me:

Those who look shall see,

Full regalia compared

With stones of destiny.

Those with memory

Shall know

Cruelty the old belief

Compare with loving points of Christianity.

Let the high hill speak for me:

Bishop or pagan disguise

Usurper, still by only lies

Once Bridgit discards such foreign shame –

Who stands high on Tara Hill again?

originally published by the now defunct The Ides of March Journal september 2011. archives :

the king in question was adversarial towards Patrick and the christian ways. he was steadfast to the old religion. many years later there was a drive to get a new statute of st. patrick built up on the hill of tara, the original seat of the high kings of ireland. there was a request for poetry which would be included in a publication to be sold as generating…

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Good Friday, Europe’72, Grateful Dead Yoga, by pd lyons

grateful dead good friday yoga

Pdlyons's Explorations

so i was 18 years old,  living in my first apartment – a vast five rooms with appliances 180.00 including heat hot water and electricity! my friend John  comes over. its sometime in daylight. we must a blown a joint or two cause that’ s what we did then. anyway he has this grateful dead album, in those vinyl  days it was on three LPs. Europe ’72. of course i knew about the dead, heard bits n pieces on the radio and randomly a house parties, but never really followed. But this was great grateful dead stuff. some of my most favorite pieces of music – the china cat/know you rider, sugar magnolia. Course as we did in those days we played things over and over and sang along. we particularly got stuck on Tennessee Jed – mostly because it had an easy enough chorus. I still remember though John…

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poems and photos by pd lyons published by clockwise cat issue 36 “Skullwise Cat”

Pdlyons's Explorations

scorpion night



In a still night

No moon softening

Sharp stars

No cloud drapery.

Against this midnight

The night mares move

Sharing colour with the darkness.

What cannot find them is found by them,

There are no ways secret:

Spiraling stars leave every sky familiar,

Foraging herds by trails of green weeds

Breach every underwater sanctuary.

The night mares

Sleep standing up;

Contain any stallion,

Give birth in the middle of any weather,

Can knock bones, eyes, or internal organs out of any creature.

Simply by their passing

Men have been sucked breathless.

The night mares

Know where dragons come from,

And who, mothered by seas and singing desert sands,

The twin birthed are.

In languages that the thunder knows,

They answer one another.

Navigating easily unbridled,

No boundary deludes them.

Yielding, the only response they know.


this first appeared in print in Searches…

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