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PD Lyons Reads, Jack Bean’s Fox, from When You Worship Swans No Longer

PD Lyons Reading Jack Beans Fox from When You Worship Swans No Longer.
If you like what you hear I do have a few limited editions of these. Please contact for details and availability. These are poems inspired by #foreabbey #westmeath #ireland #pdlyonspoet
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LOCH LENE by pd lyons, from When you Worship Swans No Longer

Undulate of diamond silhouettes

 North wind skirts pirouette

just past a fishing heron

fingerling samurai silver shadow

breath so deep it echoes

not one golden dream left behind

you’re where I’m gonna be forever

(for shelly)

Only August by pd lyons (Worship Swans Version)




Only August


almost quiet

only feather sounds


almost still

only slow

steady beating

as if horses


taught themselves

to march in order

across the fields

almost green

only smoky

spiral dust

almost damp descending


as if insects

finally taught themselves

to sing like falling rain

across midday

almost yawning

only august


How the Green Witch Loved the Winter Man as read by the author

One for the winter days. Hope you all like it. Special thanks to Morgan for the video. From the collection of PD Lyons poetry, When You Worship Swans No Longer.






When You Worship Swans No Longer: Poetry by

by P D Lyons

Poetry inspired by the village of Fore County Westmeath and surrounding areas of Ireland, by an Irish American poet.

Special First Edition Limited to 150: each numbered and signed by the poet.

Price includes worldwide shipping by regular post in padded envelope.

20.00 dollars US/15 euros Ireland/20 euros rest of Europe/15. sterling

Items shipped upon receipt of order (purchase through Paypal)


With your shipping information and any queries.

Additional inscription on request.

(Numbered books selected randomly)


Thank you in advance for supporting this project!

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