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Rumours of King fishers, poem by pd lyons from darkness work in progress





Rumours of King Fishers.

can you ever begin anything at all?

never mind again

white walls

white linen

duvet pillows sheets

white lamp

white floor boards

radiator door


pale as milk


black  Japan lacquer

all night eyes

smooth long whisper

curve of ahh’s

to not call it ocean

that which we call ocean would be?

to not call it mind

that which we call mind would be?

to not call it I

that which we call I would be?

sometime ago angels

leapt up in summer time

yellow gold

all one

w/ human kind

of course looked like love at first

then became lust

by try as they must could never get off

though happily multiple

the women went nuts





might be a long week but look forward to the end….

at rest with angels of the sun

Bed Poem Today


angels sang

in his head

as he lay

across the aubergine and green bed


Sometimes the sun

danced elliptical

 edging his cup

fingers tap tapping

cosmical coded eclipses


Sometimes the day

just began this way

open windows

white  blinds

even traffic softer

as if the dust of dark ages

shed and unknown

precisely the  time of his life

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