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These Words by PD Lyons


Sligo 2020 Rosses Point photo by Shelly

These Words

by PD Lyons

from the tiredness of my bones
not syllables of warm water mouths
rather emanate rich with marrow silent sensations
hot cold
soft foetal
crescents of your ears
depth deeper than you know of your eyes
the vast rift of tears
your endless heart

alone sometimes in the dark
I have been a labour for you
silently aloud
likewise you should read
these words so unlike other words
each window through which invisible creatures
of what cannot be said climb


When I’m a Ghost I’ll Haunt the Beach w/ My Mother by pd lyons

Tide comes

Stronger now

Still myriad suns

Roll upon the silver breakers


Day like the tide

Has turned

Inevitable in it’s

Priceless way


But for now lingering

A little longer

Simply sitting in the sun

Breathing by the sea –

Not waiting for anyone


When I’m a ghost

I’ll haunt the beach

With my mother


The little bay

Where she’d sometimes stand

Looking out over the Atlantic



I’d tell her its OK

Anyone with that many kids

Would imagine


I’d tell her

Everyone’s doing well

Everything worked out pretty much OK


The we’d stand

Look out over the sea





Lobster Bisque by pd lyons

we were coming back from somewhere. maybe just poking along the coast. anyway it was our last stop before heading back. we walked on the small bit of sand and onto the breakwater, it was late afternoon the bright day dimming. we decided to check out the menu at the Madison Inn there. maybe get a little something to take the cold off. the restaurant was up stairs and even though it was late autumn she wanted to sit out on the veranda. so we did. I went down got more coats from the car and we sat there in the Adirondack kinda lounge chairs, coats tucked around us like blankets, watching the Atlantic do amazing things with the sky and saying small things I cannot not now remember. We ordered lobster bisque. I had never had lobster bisque before. She tasted hers and said whoa this is the best fucking lobster bisque ever. And it was.



Marshland Restaurant, by pd Lyons

ties that bind 3



Marshland Restaurant

just what I wanted
some place to remind me to home
because I was tired from walking the Atlantic
alone in the rain.
the potatoes had lumps,
string beans still had strings
and the coffee?

just as if I had re-heated it myself
left over from this morning





Once upon a time I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in a little cape cod cottage across the street from the beach in East Sandwich – and totally alone! Late autumn storms, gales sung through the walls and lifted the ceiling panels. I had an old army field jacket and a good wool cap fit under the hood – so every day walked for miles then back to write – no tv no phone and on occasion drove into town to find company at the marshland. It was back in the day when Cape Cod  “closed” for the off season.

canada, a poem by pd lyons



was living in cape Breton for a few winters. had a dalmatian dog named max. we brought him over from Ireland with us. he had 125 acres of woodland for a back yard and the Atlantic ocean for the front. those days had a canon AE something or other so film photos and they’re in a box somewhere…

originally published by corner club press issue 3 vol 1 July 2011   http://thecornerclubpress.weebly.com/




Where I could step out into the night
Smoke with the stars
Hear an ocean just beyond the pines
And something’d draw the
Dog off barking
Into a pitch black forest where really anything could be
When all I wanted was a sparkling solitude of Orion
But you know when the s.o.b. came back
All proud of himself waging his tail –
All I could say was
Good boy – Good boy




and four from galway bay









sea life dance by pd lyons




titanic, belfast. … and rust to rust (part2)


titanic belfast




the rectangle shape on the pole that lays across the cargo cranes would have been the entrance the lookouts took to climb up to their station.

Photos taken  at the titanic Belfast exhibits, original photo i believe are from Ballard’s exploration.

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