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roads by pd lyons







coming back to me

crows know

those roads

I know

autumn in September

leaves alike

past seasons

once knee deep

hand held by my mother

down the big giant hill





many years ago my mother walked us down the big giant hills from our house to the intersection where JFK was driving through on his way to Hartford i believe. many years after that i returned to the home land after being away for many years – hence the poem. JFK might have drove through in november but my return was september and so it goes.

the northern woman – by pd lyons


the northern woman

her intimacy bells

upon autumnal men

slight infirmities

no obstacle



rise crescent moons

cross stars

pin point






the most wonderful time of the year

its almost here

its almost here

change is…..


Kore Chant

(for autumn)

Her name cannot be spoken

Her face was not forgotten

Her power is to open

Her promise can never be broken.

All seeds She deeply buries

She weaves the thread of seasons

Her secret, darkness carries

She loves beyond all reason.

She charges everything She touches, and

Everything She touches, changes.

Change is, touch is; Touch is, change is.

Change us! Touch us! Touch us! Change us!

Everything lost is found again,

In a new form, In a new way.

Everything hurt is healed again.

In a new life, In a new day.

[Repeat any and all verses.]

from The Spiral Dance  by Starhawk



Ties that bind (2)

ties that bind (2)

ties that bind (2)

yellow waiting by the sea

"i must go down to the seas again" -Sea Fever by John Masefield

“i must go down to the seas again” -Sea Fever by John Masefield


wonder is a natural response to beauty

wonder is a natural response to beauty


stop messing around and get to work

Fiction By PDLyons







Contains adult themes of sexual and terrible words of English language as well as swear words and a possibility of lions and tigers and bears – oh my! And if that were not enough then beware of cigarette smoking and the taking of substances for the mere sake of pleasure and fun.

Not Fit For Puritan Ethic Award


all the stuff is in new place.  seems like i’m still carrying boxes down two flights of stairs when i lie in bed at night. all have a bit of a cold, sniffles etc. but last night there were deer by the old apple tree, they are laying down and munching away on the windfalls – sounds like a perfect deer way to spend an evening – take it as a good sighn.

this am bright new england autumn sun, last night bit of a frost, some yoga first time in what seems like forever, some meditation, check the emails, some new publishers to submit to, some new magazines to check out, and its just past noon. even got the headlight fixed on the jeep earlier….

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