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words and photographs by pd lyons


Roses swollen with rain


full breasts dreaming for the hungry mouths of bees

soft in a gold of sunshine sung by small birds invisible

day dream ripples dull grey puddle answers spilling over the edge

storm gutters blocked by neglect

and wishes would ride the open mouth kisses of our own
















ENOUGH, a donkey poem by pd lyons


sky bitten clouds
undisturbed sunlight
shadow breath grass
fluttering trees
listening to whispering bees
mounds of well-fed donkeys strewn mid-field

grass is always greener - even if its a driveway

grass is always greener – even if its a driveway

Why We Like Kind Of A Hurricane Press… Morgan’s Birds by pd lyons

Dear Contributors,

I am pleased to inform you that Poised In Flight  is now out! The print edition is available for purchase through Amazon.com ($7.50 plus s&h), : http://www.kindofahurricanepress.com/. Just click on the “bookstore” page link in the main header.
And while you’re there, be sure to check out our other upcoming anthology themes and deadlines. We are doing seven this year!
Thanks again,
A.J. Huffman
editor, Kind of a Hurricane Press
In the almost tallest tree, Morgan’s birds wait.
sky near full blue but for clouds come from all the way westtangled up with sea shape breezes tasting salty even here.


yellow wasps angry buzzing in but rarely back out the kitchen windows

maybe unable to remember it’s only august and wild apples by the dozen still lay strewn along the back garden.


rugosa roses stretch up the stone of this house

where through the last while of the day

sun hits strongest.

sometimes my own fingers search out along those warm textures as if

attempting to discover something they need to know until

I must say thank you right out loud with out even figuring out who to.



in the almost tallest tree, Morgan’s birds wait.

they have time to be patient, preening, cackling, shifting branches

occasionally engaged in soft arguments,

remind me of some vague song until

like a shipwreck in the sky they rise.


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