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Me And The Small Talk Angel, by pd lyons. Shitcreek Review version

Me And The Small Talk Angel

At the gallery today,
Among the masks I thought
Of Morrison.
I thought of that black woman.
I thought of the past,
Remembering the future.
Pleased that knowledge
Only brings more secrets.
Sitting out on the concrete,
Rolling another cigarette,
Chatting with the small talk angel
I pass over the smoke.


yale art gallery, artist unknown

yale art gallery, artist unknown



I just like this poem so here it is again. Published by Shitcreek Review. With a name like Shitcreek, I pestered them until they accepted something because i so wanted to be able to cite them on the resume. They are no longer active but do have a permanent archive. Good stuff by many people can be found there.


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