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yes, I remember it well….






That December, by pd lyons

Picture 091

That December
We spent sleeping together On Cape Cod
With plenty of snow and firewood
You would wake me early
To watch the storms From Race Point.

That December

When I taught you to paint, we wrote a thousand poems
Had cases of Bordeaux and the hot water never ended.
Threw the TV out the window, ripped out the phone
And I painted you with coloured Syrups for dessert.

That December

Which has lasted now through April –
That December.


Picture 070


Listened to your story, by pd lyons, from Old Songs

Listened to your story
heard it between the sounds
rain beat highway
last freight train car

followed in the valleys
touched it in the dark

you always are my darling
you always are my heart

now I’m standing in the kitchen
popped a Bordeaux cork
(I’m ) swigging form the bottle
cause I cant see you no more

bright sunshine sapphires shimmer on the lake
and its just outside my window
and its just a million miles away.





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