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Trust by pd lyons




I walk out
The horse does not resist.
Leads as if there’s not a diseased bone in her body.
Does not notice children crying,
Rain stopping sun brightening
But rather a yellow butterfly –
Moves her head to keep it in sight
Until for some reason she will never know,
Can no longer do so.



this was published by the now, non existent, no archive – The Calamity Jane on line. It was a side project of Caper Journal, Patasola Press which does have some archives while not active at this point. i would have written this in 1993 when i was working at a horse rescue rehab in Connecticut. They are still in existence and continue to do phenomenal work  – H.O.R.S.E. of Connecticut http://www.horseofct.org/





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The Calamity Jane


I walk out with the horse,
He does not resist.
Leads as if there’s not a diseased bone in his body.
He does not notice   children crying,
Rain stopping, sun brightening,
But rather a yellow butterfly;
Moves his head to keep it in sight
Until, for some reason he will never know,
He can no longer do so.



When I was a cowboy
I always wore boots,
I rode a chestnut mare
And she never went quits.
We’d take any trail
We’d cross any bridge.
Sometimes she was nasty,
She kicked and she bit

But we’d cover big country
By night or by day,
A walk or a jog
Or just plain run away.
I was crazy to love it,
But I thought it was fun,
Just me and the wild one
Out on our own.

But when I was a cowboy
And I always wore boots
I rode a chestnut mare
Who never went quits -?
Well boots is just leather
And horses do die
Now the trails paved over
And wire seems to stretch
Right up to the sky.
And me I’m just here in this ol’ county bar
Trying to roll another cigarette
And nursing warm beer.

PD Lyons’ newest book is Caribu&Sister Stones published by Lapwing Press Belfast. Visit pd Lyons here.


to be published by calamity jane

Dearest Writer,

We bet you’re wondering about the Calamity Jane—and where your Western-tinged, Cowboy lassoing, desert-colored poems are. They are going to be published along with the August issue (the first week in August.) The August issue will be wonderful—we’ll have the Jane, the new issue and wonderful author interviews. Thank you so much for submitting to the Calamity Jane and we urge you to report your acceptance to Duotrope’s Digest for Caper Literary Journal.

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