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Offical Book Launch: Myths of Multiplicity by pd lyons, Erbacce Press

PD Lyons will be reading from his new book of poetry MYTHS OF MULTIPLICITY
as well as works from the previously published
at the


How The Book Came To Be :

“We have again broken our record for entries having 5,450 submissions
A further three hundred + were binned because submission guidelines weren’t followed
Over 60% were from women
Most entries were from the USA
Winner; with a vote from every single member of the panel: Tim Taylor
Runner-up; with five votes out of six from the panel: PD Lyons

Two other poets were mentioned as ‘exceptional’ and we shall ask each of them to be a featured poet in a future erbacce-journal; this will mean they’ll be interviewed and one half of the journal will be dedicated to them and their work: Elio Lomas and Richard Hughes
There were 5,450 accepted entries and just over another 300 were rejected for not following submission guidelines
So that’s it for 2014. Thanks go out to all of you who sent entries and right now it’s time to get together your submission for 2015; we’ll be open for entries at the beginning of January and we’ll close the 2015 contest on May 31st…” – from Erbacce Press http://www.erbacce-press.com/


all proceeds from books purchased will directly benefit the Erbacce Writers Co-op. Cost is £4.95 and includes shipping worldwide.


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