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Grandview Avenue *, by pd Lyons


Grandview Avenue

We were walking
Hand in hand
Up the hill
In the rain

I had your bright red scarf
Wrapped around my head

Traffic swished by
Lights on
Wipers squelching

We didn’t know what the day would bring
But I turned my face up to the sky
Trusting my own two feet and you to guide me

(Waterbury Ct 2011)*


* this is a slightly revised version as compared to that published in 2011 by Railroad Poetry Project.

but the who i am is that, by pd lyons

today when i sit at the little outside table the kitchen door in the rare gem of Irish sunny summer i think what if i really focus on those things that i don’t really know. like when those birds sound – instead of just concluding birds what if i allow for the fact that i don’t really know what they or that is – how could i describe what i call bird to someone who had no idea of bird? what is bird if i leave behind the concept of bird. what is sky? what is wind against what is skin, my body, what is the heat, what is sun? not just what we name things but what really are these so-called things? in that relinquishment of naming there is a kind of space a kind of freedom and what is this freedom? what is this space? not their names – but the who I am is that.


oh those days of sun and clotheses

oh those days of sun and clotheses

Old Shirt by pd lyons as published by The Legendary

Old Shirt
walking laying
sleeping eating
over-steamed radiators
warm spells February spring
the colour is good
fit is right and when I catch myself
passing mirrors in hallways
shop windows
turned off televisions
who am I
breath caught a moment
Old shirt smell
still me
still who I was
and am now
in need of a shower




as published by The Legendary http://www.downdirtyword.com/authors/pdlyons.html#ps   

(May 20, 2010. Issue 17.)



How You Look Today, poem by pd lyons



How You Look Today

you ask for

softer clothes



to nudity

you remember

types of



firm fingers

drapesing rhapsodly

you think of time


savouring lozgenly

past loves

live moments

even regret luxurious

soon wrapping

silk confidence

check mate your way out

silver day bright

sheer white

high altitude blue

a waiting


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