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how new angels are received / for Colorado from my heart

pd lyons photography 2022

the avalon girl read by PD Lyons





The Avalon Girl

Met the darker double born.
Held her heart out to the heat.
Cut the braid from her own uncut head,
Gifted to his reckless wild hands.

Soon carried on to summery lands.
First crossed wastelands of the East.
Met a man who brought her peace.
Golden daughters dakini schooled.
Then rested into holidays & grandchildren,
Feasts begun to cook the night before,
Full house wakes up to a heaven scent.

And of her torn heart, spoke to none.
And of heat, preferred now a cooler Colorado sun.
And of her gifted young girl braid,
Remembered keen how the stupid jerk misplaced it.

But whenever she saw black upon the green.
Whenever 7 roses red appeared.
Whenever she saw the grey eyed sea.
No matter from which continent or shore –
Oh, she’d lose a heartbeat or two
And Avalon she’d think of you.

How long my own unfitting skin is the night? by pd lyons

9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto

she had come down from Gunnison

it had been a hard ride

 thin air refusing to support her

 old shoes raised and popped needed to be thrown away as soon as possible


 met for drinks at The Last Chance

she told me brief stories 

life in the wilderness

 ways of ghosts and proud flesh

we booked a room from the man who wore the star


make believe log cabins

steel spring mattress

Jim Beam on the bed side

we smoke silent shapes up at an invisible ceiling in the dark

I was happy to be there 

thought she was too



but somewhere after moon light

she had gotten up

knelt by the drifty  window

to whatever she prayed all i could make out was –


How long my own unfitting skin is the night?


for tedra l plane


as everything is in this life

we shared slapstick

and manic




and still all those questions never to be answered

now knowing this

something quiet

peace descends

a lacy feel of breath

not deep

not in or out




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