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Last Night They Came And Took, by pd lyons

artist unknown

artist unknown


Last Night They Came And Took


canvasses  manuscripts

typewriter  paint box

dictionary, (oddly common words underlined or written in the margins.)


ash tray  like a bulldog head
mouth still filled 

Marlboro butts  empty Norman Rockwell match books.


denim jacket faded  

shoulder torn  by a lawn mower,

pockets lined 

loose tobacco lint

  Goldsmiths Art Shop receipts

  napkin from The Russian Lady 

name of Bitkis written on the back

  and a business card for chair canning.


four real silk Japanese prints.

two exactly the same posters of Deborah Harry.


 sleeping bag he used for a bed.
chair he carved Africans into.
lamp he won at the carnival last year for getting two black targets with one shot.

they took

  they took

  they took.


and for me the one who loved him?






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