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Slow Wag of a Tail, for my friend Molly by PD Lyons



Slow Wag of a Tail



Days counted like folding clothes

Coffee cups by the window

Back garden a dream

Seeds for someone else’s future

Old dog

Patience learnt

Waits quiet

For a sign

A whistle

A name

A dinner

A walk

A pat on the head



For my friend ~ Molly

No Matter How Hard I Wait by pd lyons w/photographs



No matter how hard I wait,

Rain won’t stop any sooner.

 I can focus on streaming bay window panes.

Or distance, green as it is rolls up to a still bare tree line.

Or even something unrelated like a little pile of shit left by the neighbour dog.


Could I stand here all day?

Instead get dressed,

Yoga later or maybe not at all.


There is a softness an absence of anxiety allows.

A nonchalant free from worry over what to do,

When after all there is nothing .

Things will remind me, no matter what I choose.

 Tears a lot like rain,

Seem to never stop until they do and

Then they don’t



wordless Wednesday 26.8.20 Starring Stella GSP extraordinaire




on wendy decorating the new apt, by pd lyons





i dont want to talk to you

maybe show you maybe not

little more to the left but not really so close as all that

morning when the door knocked open

let no one enter without waking me

barefoot naked knife in hand

out the back three flights down

running i almost followed

almost let the dog go


But by then he was gone.


little more to the right but not as close as all that

night arguing about something

and where was the dog

what did he do

the fuckin dog

didnt you really mean

why didnt i do something

equally raging i wanted to know

why didnt you do something

why didnt you make it different

he came back alright

But by then you were gone. 

Canada, by pd Lyons as published by The Corner Club Press ( 2011)



thank you very much to corner club press for publishing this little piece of my Canadian heart. They are still actively publishing – check them out for good reading &/or submitting your own work. See link below.





Where I could step out into the night
Smoke with the stars
Hear an ocean just beyond the pines
And something’d draw the
Dog off barking
Into a pitch black forest where really anything could be
When all I wanted was a sparkling solitude of Orion
But you know when the s.o.b. came back
All proud of himself waging his tail –
All I could say was
Good boy – Good boy


publish fall 2011 by The Corner Club Press http://thecornerclubpress.weebly.com/

The dog was a Dalmatian dog named Max. Many’s the night we stood out under the most wonderfully black sparkling sky I would ever know.  Well I’d stand and being a smoker then, I’d smoke while he as you can see did not stand still at all but eventually he’d show up and sit next to me lean against my leg – no matter how cold the ground.








accepted by the corner club press

Dear PD Lyons,

I am pleased to inform you that your poem “Canada” has been selected for publication in the The Corner Club Press.  Congratulations!  Our third issue will be published on July 15th, 2011.  We encourage you to continue to submit your work to our magazine for future issues. Please send a brief bio to include with your work.

The Corner Club Press is a downloadable non-profit magazine in PDF format. We ask for first publication rights and the right to include your pieces in our future archives. We have nonexclusive rights to your pieces and ask that you let us either display, copy, publish, print, or distribute your work. We WILL NOT sell your work. Once you are published with us, you are free to do as you want with your work, and all rights will revert back to you in three months. The three month period will start the day of publication. If you decide to republish your piece elsewhere, please cite us as the publication and include our web address.

Thank you,


Daphne Maysonet
Poetry Editor
Thank you! please check out their excellent site here:


old tom tabby

old tom tabby

i wasn’t the only one

saw you this a.m.


white tip tail dog

elderly master

no match for the lead.

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