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a red door painted black – Paris 2016 pdlyons photos


red door Paris 2016


painted black paris 2016

painted black Paris 2016


a most perfect song








Have a good look, stop the breath, peel off the skin, and everybody ends up looking the same. No matter how long you live, the result is not altered – Who will not end up a skeleton? – zen master Ikkyu from Zen 24/7 by P.T. Sudo. Harper,2001,SF.


may all who journey remember

may all who journey remember

No one here gets out alive…. – J. Morrison




indian summer

I love you the best Better than all the rest. I love you the best Better than all the rest. That I meet in the summer. Indian Summer. That I meet in the summ…

salamander yellow pad/ wilkes barre

Wilkes Barre/ salamander yellow


Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
At the liquor store. Clos du val in tow. Automatic sliding glass door. Woman standing on the other side. Wants to get in. Waits for me to come out. They never work for me she says. What ? The doors. Oh, says I, maybe it just got stuck. No she says. automatic doors never work for me. Watch. I stood out side and the doors closed and she tried but couldn’t get back out. Wow I say amazed. So that’s your super power! Yeah, she laughed, but not very useful. She turned and went off to shop for alcohol. I went back to the hotel told Michelle all about it. No she didn’t think it would be a good project for research. But i kept thinking about that woman and what was in her body that could stun those automatic doors and how super powers weren’t always a good thing and how good this wine was gonna be…


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