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1985 ruff by PD Lyons w/photos by Morganx

photo by Morgan Lyons


nobody knows the songs you want to hear

everyone thinks its funny when your eyes are full of tears

everybody says they do

but they don’t know.


the music you’re not supposed

to dance to.

the people you’re not supposed

to talk to.


everybody says things

but what they mean –

you’re just too old to be here.





or forever hold your peace. a photo essay by Morgan Lyons 2016

c Mogan Lyons 2016

c Mogan Lyons 2016


the golden age of silence

c morgan lyons 2016

c morgan lyons 2016

c morgan lyons 2016

c morgan lyons 2016


c morgan lyons 2016

c morgan lyons 2016

Days Are Always Going On by pd lyons






Days are always going on

Streams of hours like cars, trucks, motorcycles

Steadily scrambling through

As if on some desperate mission

Important business somewhere else

Not very often quiet

Hardly any attention to my imagined rules of the road

I am not important enough

For a slow down –


Lucky the buggers haven’t come full stop yet I suppose.



not soldiers , by pd lyons

pdlyons photography

pdlyons photo



they are not soldiers terrorists victims fundamentalists political religious communist empire builders – they are lovers friends sisters brothers mothers fathers infants toddlers adolescents elderly wise asses genius and then they were not that either-



unknown photographer

photographer unknown


welcome to the gathering…..


welcome to the gathering
Great support for Paddy Flood, (70 year old Irish farmer )
Supporters bringing food, tea and coffee.





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