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once the sky was big enough, by pd lyons

Once The Sky Was Big Enough

almost the colour of smoke among clouds
young rains ancient wind dances of electricity
unlike them we never touch the ground again

cradled by blue gravity bodies arched into transparency

how many eyes
how many tongues
how many hearts and dreams
how many places where screams refuse to go

we have all touched the world with little fingers

some suffer wounds incurable
some meet death not even worried enough to be surprised
who ever thought we’d live long enough to be alone
here in rooms where nothing moves and open only into other rooms
rooms where no one ever should have been, yet could not be refused

surprised through unwashed windows everything below almost familiar

I knew people going to live forever change the world
names I can not always now recall ways I can not find
places no longer there unrecognizable even in daylight


If you live long enough no one will know what you’re talking about.




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