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Phoebe, the tabby cat who lived in the shed, By pd Lyons – English/Irish/French



the tabby cat

who lived in the shed

the semi savage

yet ever grateful for the feed

is dead


and i am feeling so alone

and i am so sorry

sorry for the whole fucking world

i am


crying like a baby

no matter what

everything ends in tears

and the next time…?

the next time…?


je répondrai

je répondrai




an cat tabby
a bhí ina gcónaí sa chaillfidh
an Savage leath
ach bhí riamh buíoch as an bheatha

agus tá mé ag mothú mar sin féin
agus tá mé leithscéal sin
leithscéal as an domhan fucking ar fad
tá mé

ag caoineadh cosúil le leanbh
is cuma cén
Críochnaíonn gach rud i Tears
agus an chéad uair eile ...?
an chéad uair eile ...?

je répondrai
 je répondrai



Le chat tigré

qui vivait dans le hangar 
le sauvage demi encore 
jamais reconnaissants pour l'alimentation 
est mort

et je me sens si seul et 
je suis tellement désolé 
désolé pour tout le monde 
putain je pleure comme un bébé
peu importe ce que tout 
se termine dans les larmes

Et la prochaine fois ...
la prochaine fois

je répondrai

je répondrai



why we like the english chicago review

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Issue three is out now!

Issue three of The English Chicago Review is out now! Featuring poetry from Rowland Bagnall, Rebecca Bird, Jonathan Butcher, Jim Conwell, Alan Corkish, Anthony Costello, Craig Coyle, Stephen Devereux, Doug Draime, Brett Evans, Andy Fletcher, Chris Hardy, Aideen Henry, Richard Hughes, Nigel Jarrett, Allan Johnston, PD Lyons, Mary McCollum, Tim McLafferty, Ottilie Mulzet, Robert Nisbet, Jon Plunkett, Laura Potts, Wendy Pratt, Kieran Setright, Maria Taylor and Lucy Winrow.

You can buy a copy of the issue or you can take out a year’s subscription


  • p d lyons

Dear PD Lyons

Thank you for sending your poetry to be considered for publication in The English Chicago Review. I am delighted to be able to inform you that I will be including “The Day It Didn’t Snow” in issue three of the magazine (due for publication October 2013).

I currently do not have an EU address for you, if you have an EU address, please could you send me it via email so that I can post a contributor copy of the magazine to you. I regret that, due to postage charges, I am unable to send physical contributor copies outside the EU, if there is not an EU address I can post a copy to, a pdf copy will be emailed to you instead.

Thank you very much for your support, it was a pleasure reading your work and I hope that you will send more poetry for future issues of the magazine.

Best wishes

Ashley Fisher

The English Chicago Review


a poem by pd lyons –

The Day It Didnt Snow

Rita asked me to tell

her about swimming

in the halls

But my mind was on

other things

Crunchy candie

in my mouth

tiny pieces of pain

on my tongue

staining my

mouth in

December 12, 1973

flavours so intense I could not tell her anything that mattered


Henry James in Rome

Henry James in Rome.

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