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The Practise – to reduce fear

   We use thoughts to protect ourselves from what we don’t know. As there is so much we don’t know we become steadily on the defense, trying to anticipate or predict all aspects of a situation. I can’t know you because I am trying to predict you. To make sense of what I don’t know by guessing. At best I will only create confusion. But this adds to my own existing fear ( of being wrong, of not being in control) thus furthering my need to anticipate, to be right, to be strong. What if instead I allowed you, your own self expression, and then…?

   Today –

May I create the courage to allow others space to express themselves. To allow the whole world to express themselves.




Slips #3 by pd lyons


i have been addicted to ignorance

Which brought me to anger

I have been addicted to anger

Which brought me to power

I have been addicted to power

Which brought me to solidity

I have been addicted to solidity

Which brought me to delusion

I have been addicted to delusion

Which brought me to fear

I have been addicted to fear

Which brought me to ignorance

Todays News

All negativity derives from fear. When someone is angry they are afraid. When someone is rude, they are afraid. When someone is manipulative, they are afraid. When someone is cruel they are afraid. There is no fear that love does not dissolve. There is no negativity that forgiveness does not transform.

-Marianne Williamson from A Return to Love c1992,1996.


Hill of Tara





if you notice there’s nothing like a monster or monstrous situation to bring out the most beautiful of humanity. stay true. the Hitlers and the Trumps and the murderers of this world are not the majority. that’s why they yell so loudly. do not believe that any people are all the same – see the acts of heroism, the acts of compassion the acts of peace – this is true courage. this is not bartered away to gain security, goods or the power of public office.

courage does not change its moral foundation under pressure. millions of people on this earth are like that.


These Words Are Empty Like The Air You Can’t Live Without

These Words Are Empty Like The Air You Can’t Live Without

Sometimes no one comes back
in addition to that
you live with  all those idiotic things you took for granted.

But we wanted to know.
Our fascination drew us into every variation on a theme.
What would hell be like?
What would we be like in hell?
How would we act?
How would death bring me closer to god?

In a profound activity
I sign myself away.
Surrender to mechanics
Earn relief from anxiety
Freedom from responsibility.
I can walk through carveries of flesh
Fearing no evil mother fucker
Cause that’s who we are.
We need no sanctuary from ourselves.

When the automatic stuff is done
Some of us return to our own.
Loved ones  nothing but food.
God  nothing but permission.
All honour reduced to a blinding reason
All other truths ill mannered and regardless.
Who weeps for us?
Only well and truly duped.
The hearts of our own mothers
We fuck till they’re still


pdlyons photography


Poet As Noun, by pd lyons

Poet as Noun

he did not know what else to do

so he wrote

he did not think of it

he did not believe it to be divine

he was afraid of everything else

so he did this one thing

not that he didn’t do other things

but they were all varying responses to fear

attempts to over come


hide from

himself and others

like the first one to do acid

like the first one to not cut his hair

like the first one to get married have a kid get divorced

get arrested go to jail

leave town leave the country

all the while knowing the falseness of bravado

he did not know what else to do

so he wrote

no matter how high

how angry

how lonely enough to believe that god did in fact exist and abandoned him

no matter how much sex

how many lovers

how many miles

how many broken torn up hearts including his own

he did this one thing

and because of this he never needed anyone to tell him who was

yeah they could tell him what he was


mother fucker heartless bastard

just a kid

a kid in love

a bleeding heart

ignorant liberal

beautiful lover

hackney painter

failed husband

a traveller of foreign lands

a lover a husband a loving husband a loving father

an outlaw of love a dealer of drugs a rider of fast horses across broken unknown terrain

selfish, grifter,

all these were changeable all these mere adjectives

temporary partial descriptions,

the noun he had always been

because he did this one thing

and then one day he stopped

fashion victim

fashion victim

space one size fits all

no matter how much stuff, law, guns, money, strength you have – your fear will still run you. the courage to erase fear begins with space, the more space you give your self, the more space you give to others so they can be themselves. Space to relax, feel, do nothing, do something etc. space one size fits all – each and everyone of us. we have an abundance of mind space – the more we allow for ourselves and others, the less fear. the less fear the less suffering. if we are not afraid of losing our selves we can allow the possibility that the universe hold us all even those who disagree with us.

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