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the begining of peace, by pd lyons



So it comes to this –


Look back right now

your whole life

all that done, not done, un-done

and all that resulted –

you did the best you could

and maybe no one ever said that to you

and maybe no one ever will

but you

and when you do,

say that to yourself,

observe fearlessly

and you ‘ll know its true

you did the best you could




the beginning of peace



she swims in beauty

she swims in beauty

another oz9 day

So all quite on the autumnal front. hazy kinda fuzzy sunlite afternoon. working on my newest poetry collection “Still Wishing To Be Ravens”. Lapwing has sent me final proofs of new book. Morgan n I are on the cover. 64 pages of poetry. Dennis says he should be able to send me a batch in a week or so. Then i guess its read and sell to my adoring public.  Great yoga session and did meditation. Morgan kept me company she sat tucked up in our bed while i used the bedroom floor. She was reading Dr Who magazine and the magic pony stories.


cover photo

Tonight most excellent Shell will make her most excellent fish pie, tastes so much better than it sounds, pieces of smoked cod, plain cod, haddock, salmon, prawns, some diced carrots and peas all cooked in a basic bechamel sauce with smoked cheddar and some whole grain mustard mixed in at the end, a mashed potato topping with some grated nutmeg and a few knobs of butter that melt and make a crispy crust on top. best served with a nice cold dry white wine.

Stay tuned for pie photos and up dates.

Morgan is tucked up on the couch by the fire watching Night At The Museum and other stuff, while sipping herbal soother remedies. Still a lingering cough. But at least no fever.

Now print out rough draft of “Ravens”. Then a  walk by the sun setting november lake all oranges and pinks muted by rolling steel waves…

Tip: check out A Road Full Of Ducks, by Tantra Bensko at calliope nerve. amazing piece of writing!!!!!!!


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