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 in the emptiness of my heart

the bliss of all beings


Maybe its time to surrender? maybe its time to “forget”

Maybe the best way to remember

is to forget history.

to be free of all the ancient and not so ancient fears.

maybe the best way to honour the fallen and maimed

is to bring forth a courageous world – one heart at a time,

courageous enough to not become enslaved to the same errors

that justified so many deaths and miseries before?

A courage based on kindness not right or wrong?

One heart at a time – how about yours?


pogo 1971 walt smith

Maybe its time to surrender?

ruff notes on a blue paper with photographs by pd Lyons



just another piece of my heart

 my little blue wolves

someday soon

the hunter




will come

don’t worry



She on many occasions

felt an entanglement

of her own physicality

No matter how much

knowledge acquired,

philosophy believed in,

a mans world stuck in her head

and not the James Browns version.



our young pale fish bodies

enter paler our silver blood

occult our hearts still

 beat  mono chromatic 

          mono chromatic

          mono chromatic

porcelain knows nothing

of our muted skin




my favorite music video … well, of all. Horses are The Heart Beat Of The Planet


“My horses, prancing they are coming.

My horses, neighing they are coming;

Prancing. they are coming.

All over the universe they come.

They will dance; may you behold them.

A horse nation, they will dance.

May you behold them.

In a sacred manner you shall walk!”  – Black Elk



i have no idea who this woman is any info appreciated- thanks pd

horses are the heart

of the planet


the blood – pdl

I don’t like clever

I don’t like clever, it has no heart.

I tend to go for the empty things, that’s where the meat is.


he could not find you amazing, poetry & photography by pd lyons


“feed on us before you bury us” – Anais Nin


he could not find you amazing
he could not touch your mystery
he could re call vast wilderness
adrift among archetypal feminine
a wash among deltas
Venus like salt mingling with new rain
blood like midnights paling   lunary

a pleasure beyond wounds
a mingling beyond physicality
a hungrier type of mouth
willing to feed and to be fed upon




drawn up the spectre of a planet from the limbo of lunary souls — E. A. Poe

To — — –. Ulalume: A Ballad

By Edgar Allan Poe


riverside waterbury ct

riverside waterbury ct


sometimes in this fucking writing life – I spit, by pd lyons

this machine does not hold my heart

nothing does

i have hawked and spit the fucking thing into a paper receptacle

no one ever drank from

you can not touch me

even with skin

you cannot know me

even with latex

i don’t even know my self

except for low simmer anger clenched

hyper vigilant for targeting

not what breaks your heart

not what breaks your heart,

but what hardens it –

this causes true harm – Djanet Tozeur


unknown photographer

unknown photographer

Sometimes In This Writing Life ( Part: 3) by pd lyons

today is not the day for final readings

nor the day for the heart rendered into food for thoughts

no, not that or any other house work

not any mandatory thing at all


it is a day of something raw

something torn and warm

its own secret source of heat

pulled and pulling

my own



mix media pd lyons






There Is No Need To Believe by pd lyons

unknown photographer

unknown photographer


What is discovered

is beyond doubt


what is discovered

is beyond choice


free from duality

is certainty

belief has nothing to do

with what is


the teacher shows

the steps

the student takes

the walk

the teacher shows

a way


the student who goes


there is no need to believe


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