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Morning Coffee Notes 19.2.23

Sometimes the only purpose pains serves is distraction. Or is it? It calls my attention, but I have no answer. When there is nothing can be done, why doesn’t it just go away? Instead, unrelenting elaborates via frustration, anger, despair.

The Buddha says to meditate on what gives you trouble. So, do I meditate on this pain coming from nowhere,? Incessant, unsolvable? This no reason, no thing, unactionable situation.



Behind every noise there is quiet

Letting noise be as it is

Unadorned without judgement

Peace presents itself naturally.




The cold doesn’t hurt

Or rather its sting

Is not distracting but invigorates

Air easier to breath

Not heavy with heat

From those delusions of comfort

I have been taught to crave.



We were on the road in Clare heading to Galway. We had found a musician named Colm Mac Con Iomaire. So, benefiting from technology we had him playing through the car speakers. The soft beauty of greys greens and daylight, Irish daylight. The yellow lines on the road seemed golden and just sticking the phone video out the window was joy enough. The road fairly empty except for ourselves, occasional farm tractor and elusive visions of the sea.

And you drove and we looked

Spoke about what we saw.

And we listened

Spoke about what we heard

Hoping the Hares Corner would come again and never end.



LOCH LENE by pd lyons, from When you Worship Swans No Longer

Undulate of diamond silhouettes

 North wind skirts pirouette

just past a fishing heron

fingerling samurai silver shadow

breath so deep it echoes

not one golden dream left behind

you’re where I’m gonna be forever

(for shelly)


a most perfect song







roads, by pd lyons. from newish poems


9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto




9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto

9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto





coming back to me

crows know
those roads
I know

autumn in October
leaves alike
past seasons
once knee deep

hand held by my mother
down the big giant hill



9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto

9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto


9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto

9.30.14. fore by pdlyonsphoto

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