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Deja vu, by pd lyons


Deja vu

this note book
this desk
this sunny bay window sparkling winter sea in the distance
you and our daughter in the kitchen
this left hand page I write in

Last Night They Came And Took, by pd lyons

artist unknown

artist unknown


Last Night They Came And Took


canvasses  manuscripts

typewriter  paint box

dictionary, (oddly common words underlined or written in the margins.)


ash tray  like a bulldog head
mouth still filled 

Marlboro butts  empty Norman Rockwell match books.


denim jacket faded  

shoulder torn  by a lawn mower,

pockets lined 

loose tobacco lint

  Goldsmiths Art Shop receipts

  napkin from The Russian Lady 

name of Bitkis written on the back

  and a business card for chair canning.


four real silk Japanese prints.

two exactly the same posters of Deborah Harry.


 sleeping bag he used for a bed.
chair he carved Africans into.
lamp he won at the carnival last year for getting two black targets with one shot.

they took

  they took

  they took.


and for me the one who loved him?






why we like A New Ulster poetry

why we like A New Ulster poetry


I am very happy to have work appearing in the current issue of A New Ulster. Looks like i am in very fine company indeed. Thank you very much Amos Greig. Please do yourselves and us a favor by checking things out via ISSUU link. Also available in print. cheers

It is a world of ghosts, by pd lyons


I live with ghosts.

all memories are ghosts

all the things I’ve yet to do?

ghosts to be.

I am the ghost becoming for all others,

just as they are for me.

It is a world of ghosts.

Where is everyone you ever knew?

Every thing you have ever done?

All that is this present,

All that has become past,

All that will ever be –


That is what we know

and that is what we fear.

Not because of any harm,

no ghost can really cause harm.

But because no ghost can  touch,

or indeed be touched.

That is why we continuously  deny our existence.


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