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We Made our Way from Bella & Shirley by PD Lyons



We Made our Way

deliberately slow through the wood towards the road

– ping ping ping

the noise paused us

– what is that?

– shh

then men, laughter spitting gutter sounds.

then we saw them.

– pig ping ping

then we saw her.

– ping ping

naked bloodied the woman held the steel lamp pole

slamming her forehead into it

– ping

– ping

– ping

I raised my weapon.

lightly Shirley lays her hand on it, a sign for quiet.


in various sates the men

fixing their clothes

gathering their weapons

kicking away empty bottles

arguing over those not yet empty.

eventually ambling away

paid no heed to the woman

spilled too,

a heap of silence at the base of a metal pole.


Once the men move on , out of sight, and sound

I look to Shirley

– “She is better off now. Come. Let’s go.”

so I follow

we angle off to the edge of the road

where we briefly wait

then cross.


the woman was indeed dead

it is hard, to see such things.

But we look.

We always look.

We were witness.

We were the last human contact.

I squat touched her naked still warm shoulder then stand

while Shirley rolls the body over making sure the eyes are closed.

Touches lips to the palm of her hand

to lay her kiss on the woman’s forehead .

– “No time for more.” She stands. Looks down the road – “We’ll follow.”

So we did.

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