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Artemisia – Absinthium poetry by pd lyons


The red spiders with long legs

Do not fear her

As they make their way around the worm wood

Knowing this is home.

From foraging into damp shade

They come with tender spider joy

Happy to be safe.

Knowing if they trespass

Her milky white wrists

They will be met

With only laughter


Picture 170

poem originally published by Lapwing Press, Belfast in the book Searches For Magic by PD Lyons 2001

photo by pd lyons of a  poster in the Casa Bacchus Wines Litchfield Connecticut

a most excellent place to explore and indulge in

What if I could tell you about the day? Six Crows Snow, by PD Lyons

Six Crows Snow

What if I could tell you about the day?
The first real snow, crows huddled in the grey fingers of that tree,
watching as if waiting for something I didn’t have to give.
What if you were here? Then you’d say, “I don’t really understand it.”
So I’d write a few more lines so that you’d know
it’s just a sad thing like my needing to pretend I’m not alone.
What if I could tell you, that winter poem you wrote?
I hung copies of it up on the bedroom wall, the back door, the horses’ stalls, along the straight wire fluttering like little white flags between the paddocks and the pasture.
Oh if you were here I know what you would say, you never liked it anyway, kept it only out of loyalty that poem you tried to write for me reads now like some accidental prophecy the one you called :

someday I will return to you
there on the meadow hill
where crisp wind turns your hair to faerie knots.
I will return meeting you there
once more take you in my arms
have you nestle against my shoulder
whisper kisses against my neck
wrap you in my long green coat
turning up the collar to the wind.
And it will be the crows of October
hesitate from rummaging the old corn rows as if knowing your sigh.
and I too my dear the need in me rising, escapes as sound
perhaps heard by red deer who for a moment raise their heads from sunset grazing –

there where I first loved you one night how long ago?
the moon full and silver lit your body
as if you were of warm alabaster liquid made
in soft slate grey your shadow face, your O shaped mouth,
your turned up eyes, white reflecting silver from the moon
as you rose above me.
somewhere in that night, in some timeless point I woke.
dew had covered us, stood like tiny diamonds on my coat,
stars so clear I could hear their sparkling as if in one long held breath
while you, in your sleep were smiling
and because I thought compared to this I had never known true beauty
I cried in that quiet time between the worlds.

I will return to you.
I will once more take you in my arms
have you nestle against my shoulder
whisper kisses against my neck
wrap you in my long green coat
turning up the collar to the wind –
then hold you away, just enough to look into your eyes
and at the sight of your crooked little smile
I will laugh and you will know
Yes! he has returned.
But what if you were really here, what would I say?
Tell you about the day, the first real snow,
crows huddled in the grey fingers of that tree,
watching, waiting, as if for something I didn’t have to give…



From Searches For Magic by PD Lyons published by Lapwing, Belfast, c2000







Offical Book Launch: Myths of Multiplicity by pd lyons, Erbacce Press

PD Lyons will be reading from his new book of poetry MYTHS OF MULTIPLICITY
as well as works from the previously published
at the


How The Book Came To Be :

“We have again broken our record for entries having 5,450 submissions
A further three hundred + were binned because submission guidelines weren’t followed
Over 60% were from women
Most entries were from the USA
Winner; with a vote from every single member of the panel: Tim Taylor
Runner-up; with five votes out of six from the panel: PD Lyons

Two other poets were mentioned as ‘exceptional’ and we shall ask each of them to be a featured poet in a future erbacce-journal; this will mean they’ll be interviewed and one half of the journal will be dedicated to them and their work: Elio Lomas and Richard Hughes
There were 5,450 accepted entries and just over another 300 were rejected for not following submission guidelines
So that’s it for 2014. Thanks go out to all of you who sent entries and right now it’s time to get together your submission for 2015; we’ll be open for entries at the beginning of January and we’ll close the 2015 contest on May 31st…” – from Erbacce Press http://www.erbacce-press.com/


all proceeds from books purchased will directly benefit the Erbacce Writers Co-op. Cost is £4.95 and includes shipping worldwide.




newest book: Title Caribu & Sister Stones: Selected Poems Author P. D. Lyons Publisher Lapwing Belfast.

Cover Photo

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