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How Should We Not Be Married by pd Lyons

our sameness presses us          self reflected eyes amazed

exploring infinite selves          reflecting infinite selves


my mouth hopes you’ll suck the hot wet soul right out of me

instead you accomplish so much more


pd lyons photo

pd Lyons photo/ V.de Rage Montairo 1925


from Caribu & Sister Stones by  pd lyons, 2009 Lapwing Belfast. ISBN 978-1-905425-90-7 



Illumination, by pd lyons, from Searches For Magic

gets the urge for going


Soft suede footsteps
Well-worn stones
Lead to iron hinged oak doors
Behind murmured speculations,
Assumed by brothers to be prayers
Clenched in mysterious positions
Hidden hands
Deep in caves of burlap sleeves.

We send messages on the wind,
Leaves from some ancient
Oracle, confused enlightenment delivered
To unknown supplicants.
Sometimes smoke is the only movement.
Through the gates no faithful messenger returns,
Through the courtyard no traveller leads his weary horse.
Sometimes night
Is the only whisper.

Fingers, stained with fading lilies
Broken  paper petals twirl, shifting shapes
With gravity as if some subtle sign
Yet again, resigned to mere ink,
Another day unravels.

Reluctantly we wait,
Fearing that there is after all no one out there,
And that even god exists only as some
Finger printed memory




this poem is from the Lapwing Press publication : Searches For Magic by pd Lyons in 2001. Dennis Grieg editor. Gideon Grieg cover image. It was through Dennis’s kindness, and might I say sense of good taste, that my father got to see my work in book form. I was proud of that.

where i work

where i work


Tarzan’s Totem by pd lyons from Caribu & Sister Stones, Lapwing Press




Tarzan’s Totem

Lawns of ripening parrots.

Sixteen millimetre chimpanzees.

Bone china. Sugarcane midwives.

Dry blood,

Hard on the savannah,

Volcanoing like heavens revenge.

A Pierce Arrow rotting away in the lumberyard garage;

A Quart of Muscatel tucked up in the rafters,

A slat back chair cornered with a brown webbed window,

An electric light bulb hangs.

this version appeared in  Caribu & Sister Stones Selected Poems by PD Lyons, Published by Lapwing Belfast. They were selected by Deridre Kearney and edited by Dennis Grieg. Links to the Lapwing site below –





Johnny Weissmuller (born Peter Johann Weissmüller;[2] June 2, 1904 – January 20, 1984) was an Romanian-Austro-Hungarian-American competition swimmer and actor best known for playing Tarzan in films of the 1930s and 1940s and for having one of the best competitive swimming records of the 20th century.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Weissmuller[



Sylvester Day, from Searches for Magic; Belfast, Lapwing, by PD Lyons

Sylvester Day

(West Germany 1982)

The bicycle thief of Hamburg has no arms.

She sits in the lobby, waiting.

Smoking filtered cigarettes

Held between her toes –

After the ballet would be her time :

From midnight to dawn, charms

Bicycles from their chains, frees

Them from railings and fence posts,

From street poles and the bumpers of parked cars…

Like children after a pied-piper, they would follow her.

Later, she walks agin

Those same streets alone, to watch

People holding nothing but empty chains

Where they had expected a bicycle;

The look on their faces

Prompts the true reason for her actions,

For at that moment,

So as to hide her laughter,

She could forget herself and

Wish for arms.

from Searches for Magic, Belfast Lapwing,2001

ISBN 1898472 59 9


snow by morgan lyons

snow by morgan lyons

Irish Winter part2 : pants (intimate)

There is no fire and its cold. I ,usually so phobic of the cold ,today don’t mind. Welcome cold let me feel the small pain of knowing I’m still alive. happy to be so. of course I’m wearing my fingerless yak hair gloves from Darcy’s, Michelle’s over sized brown jumper form Jones – over a denim shirt over a maroon tea shirt; a pair of Levis brought back from last years trip to the states, blue wool walking socks, n a pair of regatta waterproofs. And why is it a pair of pants? Is each leg a pant and therefore you have a pair? shouldn’t it just be a pant? It must be that each leg is a pant, therefore I’ll put on my pants. maybe originally they came separate? Un-joined like long socks? Pair of socks makes sense. Two make a pair. I put on one my sock then the other and if they match it’s a pair. If they don’t is it ,or are they, still a pair? Can you have a pair of unmatched socks? Maybe if they’re not on you they’re not a pair but once you put them on they are even if the don’t match? I’m wearing a pair of un -matching socks? or is it unmatched. I’m wearing a half a pair of socks on each foot? anyway why a pair of pants, I’m not wearing two pants I’m wearing one blue denim Levis pant.


Lapwing is editing a new collection of poems for publication. I had thought it might be ready this year which would have made it 8 years since they did Searches For Magic. Its been about 10 month now I think, more than a baby. Oh well horses take eleven months. In fairness I sent Dennis about 200 poems, basically the contents of caribou and sister stones that I self published via LuLu. Well I’m grateful for his interest. was hoping he’d print soon so I can attempt to do so public reading and have product to sell. The LuLu is mad expensive for shipping and blah blah blah.


I have been too intimate with my life for regrets. I was happy for that thought, it freed me from the erroneous belief that life must have regrets. I have had dreams that didn’t come true, things I felt so sure of that turned out to be not so, but how would I wish away any of my closest friend, my own life, my own self experience? If I were to have only one minute to relive before I die – would I waste time saying OK but not this one not that? I liked the little boy who lived for a while w/ no siblings, I liked the shy boy who got slapped around in school, I admired the courage that teenager had to drop acid to smoke dope to fall in love without any restraint to write a life time of poetry, I felt protective of the young man in jail, scared for the one who registered for the draft, and for the one who loved women, who loved the whole idea of women who loved the exploration of the most mysterious beautiful being called women and who mostly always ever seemed to create pain…

I have been too intimate with my life for regrets. It is a beautiful day, it is a good day to die, it is another day deserving gratitude to all who were my mothers and fathers, all my teachers, benevolent and wrathful formal and informal.

I am here in this beautiful land with my beautiful partner and our beautiful daughter and today I’m 53 years old. woo hoo!


there is a beauty even in the grey

there is a beauty even in the grey

Caribu & Sister Stones by pd lyons published by Lapwing Press




Caribu & Sister Stones





Michael Mc Aloran new from Lapwing





Michael Mc Aloran new from Lapwing


Lapwing Publications Store

great source for irish and international poetry!!!!!!!!



P.D. Lyons

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from up coming new book of poetry by pd lyons


rock n roll

kick ass not fade away

they were so afraid of you

they blamed it all on Elvis

rock n roll

kick ass not fade away

somewhere there’s the killer

ain’t never been no fuckin’ king

soft girls

hard liquor

get ‘em movin’

get ‘em dancin’

wherever you are

somewhere in that pure American night

hope you’re bangin’ a piano

hope you’re ready for a fight

( for jerry lee – who else?)

from the soon to be published volume from Lapwing Publishers Belfast NI.


i love rock n roll

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