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razor black mirror porcelain by pd lyons


razor black

mirror porcelain


for your

rose bud

bird song mouth

I have made bouquets



shadow light

creatures wonderful

grotesques fortuitous

clear potable water

dark caves beneath a sunless world

secret hand fulls

tremors lolled by after glows


alone like ivory your room in blosom

rich solitudes of orchid

perfumed isolations






i only make for you



lily amber lyons, Rest In Peace



lily lyons
best friend and leader of the lyons pack
no heart ever so big
no loyalty ever so true
so beyond words
we are proud today of our own broken hearts
may the joy and love you created here for us
match you where ever it is that you now roam

lily lyons fore abbey 25.3.14

lily lyons fore abbey 25.3.14


The Kent Lily

Kent Lily , Kent Ct.

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