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Acid Love by PD Lyons




Acid Love (for East Mountain)
Faces melt
Stream away
There is no ground
Once where midnight was the ocean
Scattered stars the shore
Pearls of street lights held by cosmic hands
Lit up our wide black mirror eyes
We knew then in our own single breath way
All was liquid
And with our hands on one another’s heart
Knew we knew each other before the time of
Light & dark.
27.10.22. Pd Lyons 

from As If The rain Fell In Ordinary Time read by author PD Lyons


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People Who Cured Themselves

In the language Of Flowers it Meant, We Are Already Dead

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Pain PD Lyons reads from the 2019 erbacce-press International Prize for Poetry winner. As the events of 2020 put paid to my intention to promote this book via live readings etc. I have decided to simply read the book in order on short videos. I believe the work should be heard and hope to make that happen here. Thank you if you have for listening. cheers. good luck. bye!


erbacce-press Liverpool UK c2019

video c2021 pdlyons poet.

If you’d like a copy of the book contact me via email to arrange. inscribed limited editions 20.00euros regular postage incl. anywhere in the world. 15.00Euros if you’re lucky enough to live in Ireland.


Next Morning, poem by pd lyons



 dry as steel

echos walking home 


believing in what you knew was not

and calling it love

would i see you there by pd lyons

would i see you there

with your big face smiles

your sense of wonder

your denim styles

you were shy to me

yet you followed me

when I turned around,

until you betrayed by your own laughter

I had no idea

What you would dare.


But where ever you are now

I cannot say

Whatever you went through I have no clue

Those streets those hometown streets

Once mine

Once yours

I have not returned

I have not ever left

And you not really you

but still the you I used to know

Wouldn’t you be there

If I went back

Your big face smiles

Your denim styles

Your ever wondrous self.

Where else could you really be

Who else could you ever be, to me

what i wrote today : The Quiet of Your Love, a thank you poem for Shelly

I like the quiet of your love

when I wake up for no reason in the middle of the night

and you’re laying warm beside me

so everything’s alright


I like the quiet of your love

as we walk along the beach

and you’re pointing out the wild things

between the horizon and the sea


its those certain situations

no matter where we are

the whole world just goes quiet

like the love you have for me


Listening to your laughter

like I listen to your breath

Listening to your voice

like I’m mesmerized


and I don’t know how to say it

I always start to cry

so I’ll just hold you closer

and I won’t say a word

I’ll just keep it real quiet

like the love you have for me

in those open spaces of the heart, by pd lyons


Where can i always meet you?

where can we always be alone?


those open spaces

shadow lives

summers linger

all  ghosts laugh


weeping is for beauty

sweet and savory.

all pain, in remedy

honey tipped restored.


where i always meet you

in those open spaces of the heart





winter anyway, a love poem by pd lyons


used to walk by trees like these

a country where winter meant deep snow
wind sometimes cut  wounds like a smile across my face

a great breathless
no-doubt-about-being alive-rush  deep New England winter


Made my way to some place I knew existed then,

slight shelter from the gale

flick and fumble

eventually light
sacramental cigarette

to the east, to the south, to the west, to the north, as above so below,
as within, so with out, on the smoke that is my prayer…

and somehow all I could do was say thank you –
for this snow,
this wind,
this gunmetal sky,
this bit of shelter crook of a stone wall
this cold, cold, cold against the small heat of my beating heart



Where Her Breasts Used To Be, a love peom by pd lyons

Where Her Breasts Used To Be

he kissed her courage
he kissed her fear
he kissed her sadness
her deep unknowability

because she was his dearest
because she was all he loved
and ever wished to


acrylic on paper pdlyons

acrylic on paper pdlyons


ruff off the cuff, a love poem with photos by pd lyons


lemons with stainless steel by pdlyons


the old religion of your eyes

an accent of long strings made from the heart of my wild days

contrary backwards ridden horses

painted  nights of our own solitude

mystical marvelous

fingerprints phosphorescent


our mouths still meet like that

all blue tattoo

all willingly open  offerings of  sky


 cities of our violence ebbing rhythmically

 a shore line languid with our peace



yes there will be another summer – poem by pd lyons

Bridget Shields Rose

Bridget Shields Rose

Warm summer evening

Soft summer breezes

Stars through the windows

Warm steady breathing

Secretly dreaming

My love asleep in my arms


photographer unknown

photographer unknown

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