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Buddha Poetry/ Poetry Buddha


… it is really important to recognize that this text is poetry and we need to read it as poetry because the quality of experience is an aesthetic appreciation, a direct experience. it is not an analytic construct. we want to use the poetry to free ourselves, rather than to wrap ourselves in ever more concepts. – James Low; Being Right Here referring to Dzogchen treasure text.

we are always wearing ruby slippers.

essence of all things is loneliness
loneliness is not what you think

we are no thing – PDL


The main point is what Buddha once said: “I discovered something profound and luminous beyond all concepts. I tried to communicate it with words, but nobody understands. So now I will meditate alone in the forest”. This verse of Buddha is the conclusion of the teachings. – Chogyal Namkhai Norbu


the duck of sport, love and compassion with  buddha

the duck of sport, love and compassion with buddha

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