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goodbye galway/ hello castlepollard


whose books are these i think i know…
yes will be moving house over the next few days. goodbye galway
hello castlepollard
… and there are boxes (and boxes) to go before i sleep.
Anita Loos
Anita Loos



so we have moved


so we have moved

we are now living in galway, over looking the bay. decided to move july 20. arrived here august 26. very busy time. finally feeling a little settled. spent the last few hours working on new book of poetry, “The Girlz”. hope to have a finished manuscript by weeks end. Have about two hundred pages to sort out, final edits, culls,order,format etc. and then the easy part – a publisher.




all the stuff is in new place.  seems like i’m still carrying boxes down two flights of stairs when i lie in bed at night. all have a bit of a cold, sniffles etc. but last night there were deer by the old apple tree, they are laying down and munching away on the windfalls – sounds like a perfect deer way to spend an evening – take it as a good sighn.

this am bright new england autumn sun, last night bit of a frost, some yoga first time in what seems like forever, some meditation, check the emails, some new publishers to submit to, some new magazines to check out, and its just past noon. even got the headlight fixed on the jeep earlier….

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